Etsy roundup: Homemade soap

Etsy is an online marketplace where hundreds of thousands of creative people from more than 150 countries sell their handmade crafty goodness. Each week, we’re featuring a handful of our favorite items in our Etsy Roundup. On the menu this week: Handmade soap. When it comes to handmade soaps, the sky is the limit and Etsy sellers have handmade soap covered. Check out some of our favorite soaps on Etsy that look or smell (or both!) good enough to eat!

1Cupcake soap

2Chocolate-covered cherry soap

Cupcake soap

It looks good enough to eat, but don’t take a bite! This custom cupcake soap by Etsy seller Burnt Mill (find her on Twitter and Facebook) is a yummy treat for your hands. What a cute way to dress up your guest bathroom for a party — or just to make you smile every time you wash your hands. It’s available in far too many scents to list, which means you’re sure to find a smell to delight your senses.

Plum Pretty Watercolor Prints

Etsy seller Soap Rehabilitation (find her on Twitter and Facebook) seems like she’s creating a delish dessert with her chocolate-covered cherry soap bar, but even though you can’t eat it, it’s not just soap, though! She describes it best: “A decadent truffle-scented soap with a layer of wild black cherries topped with a layer of rich dark chocolate. A romantic, delicious start to your day!” Yes, please!

3Chocolate and
cocoa butter heart-shaped lotion bar

4Tangerine soufflé handmade soap

Chocolate & cocoa butter heart shaped lotion bar

This chocolate and cocoa butter heart-shaped lotion bar looks divine. And while it’s not a soap bar, we couldn’t resist including it. Etsy seller Aquarian Bath (find her on Twitter and Facebook) created this lotion bar for dry or chapped skin. The vegan ingredients include organic cocoa butter, dark unsweetened chocolate, raw unrefined shea butter, extra-virgin olive oil and candelilla wax.

Tangerine soufflé handmade soap

Made with a creamy vanilla base with heavenly tangerine top notes, the tangerine soufflé handmade soap will awaken your taste buds — and clean your hands! Etsy seller Body Language Soaps (find her on Twitter and Facebook) created this fantastic soap with only the best oils. Indulge (for a reasonable price) and enjoy!

5Mint swirl
organic soap

6Coffee soap

Mint swirl organic soap

Mmmm … refreshing mint in the form of handmade soap! The mint swirl organic soap by Etsy seller Sweet Sally’s Soaps (find her on Twitter and Facebook) will help you start your day off right. Made with peppermint and spearmint essential oils, this soap will awaken your senses during your morning shower. Added bonus: The soap is organic!

Coffee soap

If you’re a coffee addict, you might want to try this coffee soap by Etsy seller SweetSoaps (find her on Twitter). The coffee-scented glycerin soap is shaped like a giant coffee bean — seriously! And it’s authentic — the soap is infused with real coffee grounds that act as a gentle exfoliant. Good morning, sunshine!

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