A look inside Candy Spelling’s mega-estate

Jun 16, 2011 at 2:30 p.m. ET

Earlier this week, Candy Spelling finally sold the enormous mansion Tori Spelling grew up in to heiress Petra Ecclestone, daughter of billionaire Formula One racing boss Bernie Ecclestone. So what can a darling 22-year-old heiress expect from a home that was originally listed for $150 million? Rooms, rooms and more rooms, of course -- but nothing is typical about the rooms in this Hollywood estate. Keep reading as we take a mini-tour of the soon-to-be former Spelling mansion.

Spelling Mansion

The stats on the French chateau-inspired mansion

The 4.7-acre property features a 56,500-square-foot main house with reportedly 123 rooms. There are four swimming pools, as well as tennis courts, its own barbershop, gift-wrap rooms, automated-projection room, bowling alley, flower-cutting room, wine cellar, koi pond, citrus orchard and parking for 100 vehicles, as well as a kitchen suitable for cooking for up to 800 guests (you know, to feed your nearest and dearest friends).

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The Entryway

The Entryway

Nothing delivers that wow factor quite like a palatial entryway, and the Spelling's entrance does just that -- a sweeping double staircase frames a gorgeous crystal chandelier that is the focal point when guests walk in.

Family room

Family time

The family room showcases an antique piano Spelling purchased for their first home years ago and appears to be fairly ordinary for such an extraordinary estate. It's filled with warm red and gold tones, along with comfortable-looking furniture that gives it an inviting feel.

Screening room

Grab the popcorn

Run-of-the-mill media rooms, eat your hearts out. The Spelling's private screening room boasts an enormous screen that rises from the floor beneath a gorgeous coffered ceiling. Numerous seating areas fill the room where friends and family would gather to watch shows produced by Candi's husband, late Aaron Spelling, and first-run movies.

Gift Wrapping room

Gift-wrapping room

Most of us can't devote even one whole room for the sole purpose of gift wrapping, so it may seem a tad … extreme, shall we say, that Candy has not one, but three gift-wrapping rooms in the home. Each room has a different purpose as far as wrapping goes, like one is just for the smallest everyday gifts (pictured).



What uber-fantastic estate would be complete without a bowling alley? When Aaron Spelling was still alive, guests and family often gathered after dinner for a couple of games. Apparently, it was the late producer's favorite sport.

So where will the super-wealthy widow reside now that the The Manor is officially in escrow? Well, she's already down-sized to a cozy 16,000-square-foot penthouse in Century City. Perhaps Tori can come over for some motherly support after her paparazzi chase and car crash that happened at her children's school earlier this week.

Photo credit: Art Streiber. Photos originally published by People Magazine after Spelling listed the home for sale two years ago.

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