7 Must-haves for your kitchen remodel

May 30, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Undertaking a kitchen remodel is no small task, so when you decide to bite the bullet, you want to make sure you get the job done right. As important as it will be to make your kitchen stylish, the most important part of a kitchen remodel is its functionality. Incorporating these seven must-haves into your new kitchen’s scheme will make your home more efficient and functional.

Brand new kitchen

1Heat it

Even if you rarely cook, installing double ovens in your kitchen can really pay off when you throw parties or host a family dinner. Not only can you use both ovens to cook separate dishes, you can also use one as a warmer so that you can serve all of your food at its optimal temperature.

2Hide it

Clean lines and uncluttered counters are one of the latest kitchen trends, and in response to the need, appliance manufacturers have developed innovative under-counter appliances. These aren't your mother's appliances either. Warming drawers, microwave drawers, drawer dishwashers and drawer freezers are just a few of the latest options designed to improve the cooking process while keeping your kitchen looking clean.

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3Trash It

One of the best ways to encourage proper waste disposal is to design a special trash and recycling center in your kitchen. Pull-out, under-counter trash and recycling bins will help you separate your plastic, paper, glass and clippings without cluttering your kitchen's floor space.

4Water it

If you've regularly wished that your family would help more with the cooking, installing a second kitchen sink on your counter or island will help you realize this dream. While you're working away at the main sink, you can set your children up at the second sink to wash the vegetables and prepare desserts.

5Store It

Well-planned cabinet space can make your kitchen more efficient and effective. Consider incorporating the following cabinet options to improve your kitchen storage:

  • Vertical tray storage – Vertical tray storage will enable you to see, access and organize all of your cookie sheets, pizza pans and cutting boards with ease.
  • Full extension shelves – You can pull full extension shelves out of the cabinet so that you can easily see and access the items on the shelf.
  • Deep drawers – By including very deep drawers near your kitchen range, you can store larger items like deep pots, vegetable steamers and bowls where you'll be accessing them most often.

6Garage It

An appliance garage works exactly like a car garage -- you tuck an appliance inside, then pull down a door to hide the appliance away. If you hate cluttering your counter with toasters and mixers, but you also dislike storing them after every use, the appliance garage will allow you to keep them on the counter for easy access without storing them in public view.

7Live in it

Most families congregate in the kitchen, so it's important to make sure the space is designed to accommodate your family's needs. Some of the best ways to make the space more livable include:

  • Installing an extra large island so your kids can work on homework while you prepare dinner
  • Planning a work station with a computer and desk so you can look up recipes, pay bills and access your family's schedule

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