Eco-friendly furniture ideas

Apr 29, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. ET

With the eco-friendly movement still on the rise, many designers are turning their focus to creating green product lines or making their current products more environmentally sound. So when you're sprucing up your home decor this spring, keep these designers' pieces in mind for a trendy and eco-conscious living space.


1Recycled wood table

Designed and constructed by the r.e.a.l. store, an eco-friendly home interior outpost in Australia, these handmade tables are made to order and take about two months from start to finish. They're created from reclaimed wood taken from nearby buildings.

2Abaca ottoman

Straight from the stocks of Crate & Barrel comes this woven Abaca ottoman that can easily fit into most design aesthetics. The Abaca ottoman can be ordered online or picked up at any Crate & Barrel store.

3Knu- Knu Entertainment Center

The Knu- Knu entertainment center is a brushed-up homage to the mid-century sideboards of the 1950s. It's available in six eco-friendly veneers (ash, ebony, cherry, maple, walnut or wenge), so it's easily integrated into your current living-room color scheme.

4Ripples lamp

Home accessories designer Alex Marshall creted this line of eco-friendly lamps that come hand-glazed in a variety of colors and shapes. While the designs are modern, the feel is outdoorsy, and the ripples convey that environmental look.

5TrueModern lift sofa

Edgar Blazona's Lift Sofa is a simple yet elegant modern sofa that will run you the same price (if not slightly cheaper) than at a big-box retailer. To create seating that is eco-friendly, TrueModern uses low VOC finishes and sustainable birchwood.

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