Holiday decor you can use year-round

Stuffing your storage space with boxes of decorations isn’t your only option for holiday decorating. Choosing to reuse decorations for more than one festivity can save you money, space and even your sanity. From picking up plain wreaths to filling clear glass vases with signs of the season, check out these ideas for holiday décor you can use year-round.

1Reuse holdReuse wreaths

Pick up a plain wreath and some crafting supplies for decorations you can reuse holiday after holiday. Add festive ribbon and holly for Christmas, redecorate with colorful egg decorations for Easter, and so on for a versatile holiday piece.

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2Pull double-duty with an ice bucket

“Shine a silver ice-bucket to serve double-duty for the holidays,” offers Kara Butterfield, interior stylist. “Pot a small Christmas tree for a styled table decor, fill with brightly colored foil eggs at Easter and add sparkle to your trick or treats on Halloween.”

3Beautify with pops of color

Colors that will carry on the festive feelings, such as red, green, gold or even blue, can not only make for a great design element in your home year-round, but can enhance your holiday decorating. You can mix it up with signs of the season without having to swap out every throw rug, vase, pillow and drape.

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4Adorn plants with festive decorations

Christmas trees aren’t the only indoor plant worth decorating for the holidays. For any holiday, from New Year’s Eve to Thanksgiving, be sure to garnish indoor trees and plants with lights, ornaments and holiday decorations that can be easily swapped out as the celebrations change.

5Embellish with lights

Leaving up white lights all year long will add sparkle to your abode while offering a festive backdrop to every celebration, so keep the strings of lights on trees, patio covers and along windows once the holidays have passed. You can also reuse single-color strands of lights for more than one holiday, such as red lights for Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year.

6Incorporate holiday messages

Display a pretty charger or platter on a tabletop easel or cookbook stand to add cheerful holiday messages, such as “Luck o’ the Irish!” for St. Patrick’s Day. Simply add vinyl clings or decorate on the fly with chalk ink for a display that can be quickly updated as each holiday comes and goes.

6Group vases or glassware

You can reuse clear glass containers or vases in your holiday decorating when you fill them with holiday-themed elements. Think patriotic pull-apart crackers for the Fourth of July, and fresh, yellow lemons for Memorial Day decor.

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Consolidating your decorations into holiday décor you can use year-round doesn’t mean you can’t show off your holiday style. Consider creating a custom table setting for each holiday to satisfy your yearning for holiday decorating; table décor often takes up less room in storage, yet packs a lot of punch when it comes to holiday decorations. And that’s something to celebrate!

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