Design tips to make learning fun for your kids

Apr 14, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Enhance your children’s learning by providing them with an environment that makes learning fun. We spoke with Cortney Novogratz of HGTV’s Home by Novogratz about how parents can make their children’s bedrooms more conducive to learning and the kid-friendly decorating and design strategies she used at Winegard Elementary School in Orlando, Florida. Winegard was the grand-prize winner of Bounty’s We Love Our School sweepstakes and received a school makeover designed by Cortney and her husband Robert Novogratz.

A neat space is a learning space

School Makeover

Think of how scatterbrained you feel when you desk is in disarray and you have clutter throughout your house. Your children are no different. In order for them to focus and learn, they need an environment that is not only clean, but also stimulates their desire to learn. This applies to their school rooms as well as their bedrooms.

We Love Our School

To address the need for more order, Bounty kicked off the We Love Our School campaign on Valentine's Day by activating parents and volunteers at 1,000 schools across the country to join in a classroom cleanup and address the need for more in-room cleaning supplies for teachers. Bounty invited parents and teachers to visit the Bounty Facebook page and take the Make a Clean Difference Pledge. The pledge provided parents and teachers the opportunity to enter their school in the school makeover sweepstakes and show their support for clean, creative learning environments for children.

Music Room Makeover

Winegard Elementary in Orlando, Florida, was the winner of Bounty's We Love Our School sweepstakes and received a grand school makeover from Cortney and Robert Novogratz, who own New York-based Sixx Design, and star in HGTV's Home by Novogratz. We talked with Cortney about what she and Robert did with the school's $50,000 makeover.

"We chose the music room, which has been used as a multi-purpose room, as our focus because Bounty supports the arts and primarily because the room was not conducive to learning," says Novogratz. "It had fluorescent lighting, few music posters and not many instruments. It was not student- or adult-friendly."

Create an oasis for learning

Novogratz and her husband turned the large, uncomfortable music room into an impressive music and art mecca with bold colors, graphics, artsy chairs and tables, groovy chandeliers, neon lights, laser lighting, a flat-screen TV, brand-new musical instruments, art supplies, new computers and a DJ booth. "We wanted this room to serve its intended purpose and it now does in a big way and more," says Novogratz. "It's interesting eye candy for both adults and children, it exposes kids to architecture and musical history and it's where kids want to be to learn."

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