Feng Shui for the bedroom

The art of feng shui can help achieve balance and a stable flow of good energy in your home. Feng shui for the bedroom is particularly important because not only does your day begin and end in the bedroom, it’s also the most personal and intimate space in your home.

A bedroom that follows feng shui practices is a space that calms and excites at the same time. You will find that following even the simplest feng shui rules in your bedroom will lead to pleasant nights and energetic mornings.

Sleeping Beauty

The placement of your bed is one of the most important aspects of successful feng shui for the bedroom. There are many factors to consider when positioning your bed, but the foremost rule is to not have your feet facing the door. This position is sometimes called the “death position,” as the dead are carried out of the door feet first.

If you have the space, use a solid wooden headboard to receive additional support behind your head (one carved with holes lets energy escape), and avoid positioning your bed under the window.

Do not store anything under your bed. Raise it a few inches from the floor and keep that space open to allow for a free flow of energy.

Closed Call

The doors of your bedroom, closets and en suite bathroom should all be closed when you sleep. It is important to shut out the world while you are resting!

Wired Up

The bedroom should be a place of contemplation, relaxation and rejuvenation. Television, exercise equipment and anything related to work could disrupt the energy flow of your bedroom and actually distract you from your sleep. If you’re thinking of installing a flat-screen TV on your bedroom wall, consider placing it inside a cabinet or console that can be closed.

Pause and Reflect

Bedrooms void of mirrors are a good feng shui practice. If you have a mirror in your bedroom, make sure that it isn’t facing your head or upper body when you sleep. As you lay there dreaming, negative chi exits your body, and you are refreshed with positive chi. A mirror facing you will bounce back the negative chi.

Picture Perfect

Though it’s tempting to place photos of your children, animals and friends in your bedroom, doing so will bring their energy into your private space and can interfere with spousal relationship. The bedroom is your private, personal space. Keep it to photos of you and your partner, or no photos at all.

Following these simple feng shui rules will lead to a bedroom that inspires healthy slumber, strong relationships and relaxation. Sweet dreams!

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