13 Low-cost garden tools

Mar 24, 2011 at 9:28 a.m. ET

You know that recycling can save the planet, but did you know that it can save you some cash, too? From milk jugs to old blankets, you can grow some green while saving some green when you discover these 13 low-cost garden tools recycled from everyday items.

Milk jug green house is a low-cost gardening toolMilk jug green houseMilk jug green house

Remove the bottom of a milk jug and protect precious plants by covering with this mini-greenhouse when frost is on the way.

Egg carton seed starter is a low-cost gardening toolEgg carton seed starter

Fill sections with soil and add one to two seeds per section to give your greenery a healthy advantage before heading to the garden bed.

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Use a tablecloth as a gardening dirt catcherTablecloth dirt catcher

Prevent top soil from mixing with other dirt while keeping your planting area clean at the same time.

low cost gardening options for support tiesTowel strip support ties

Cut old towels into strips and use them as support ties on heavy or vining vegetables, such as tomatoes and string beans.

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Butter tub scoops can be a low-cost gardening toolYogurt container seeding potButter tub scoop

Create a handy scoop using a clean butter tub to dig into fertilizer granules or potting soil.

Yogurt container can be a low cost seeding potYogurt container seeding pot

Use yogurt containers to give seeds time to sprout, or give herbs a colorful container to line your kitchen windowsill.

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