Create the perfect garden room

Sep 28, 2010 at 7:11 p.m. ET

If you love to garden, you probably hate to see summer end each year. Although many people have a collection of house plants in their home, it's just not the same as surrounding yourself with beautiful plants in the great outdoors. If you spend all winter wishing for the beauty of your outdoor garden, plan now to create an indoor garden room that you can enjoy all year round. It might just become the most popular room in your home.

Choosing the Perfect Location

Most homes have a number of locations that can work well as a garden room. If you have a sunny indoor patio or enclosed porch, this can be the perfect location, especially if the windows are well-insulated. A room with a sunny window can also work well. However, it's important to remember that you can also create a lush garden area in almost any room of the house, as long as you add appropriate lighting.

You can buy special plant lights which are perfectly designed for proper plant growth. However, regular fluorescent light fixtures, such as the utility lights commonly used in workshops and basements, can also provide enough light for many plants. There are also specially designed planters that are built with a light fixture on top, which can be a great way of growing beautiful plants even in a room without adequate sunlight. So, as long as you're willing to add some auxiliary light to the room, feel free to choose whatever room would work best.

Selecting the Ideal Plants

The plants you choose for your garden room will be dependent on the level of light in the room, the overall room temperature, and your personal plant preferences. Fortunately, different plants thrive in different growing conditions, so you should be able to find some ideal plants, regardless of the growing conditions in the room.

The growing habit of the plant can also help you decide on the perfect choice. For example, if you want to use hanging planters, vines and other trailing plants such as a philadendron can work well. Large plants and trees such as a palm tree or rubber tree plant can work well if you want to use large floor containers. If your garden room gets a lot of sun, plants such as coleus, crotons, gardenias and geraniums can be good choices. For rooms with low levels of light, cast iron plants, Chinese evergreen and golden pothos can work well.

Accessorizing the Garden Room

There are also many accessories that can add a beautiful touch to your garden room. A small indoor fountain can add a tropical feel to the room. Patio furniture can provide a comfortable seating area so that you can sit and relax among the plants.

Adding art to the room can also provide a beautiful touch. A lovely metal tree wall sculpture or framed art prints featuring plants and flowers can coordinate nicely with your garden room decor. If the room gets a lot of sun, bamboo window blinds can help provide a bit of shade when the sun is too intense, which can create a more relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

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