Best small closet organizers

Aug 11, 2010 at 12:42 p.m. ET

Most of us own more clothes than closet space. If you have a small closet, it's imperative that you keep it organized or you'll never find what you need. Make getting dressed easy with these closet organizers and organization ideas for small closets.

Woman in organized closet1Maximize your space

Tanya Sinovec, owner of Functioning Spaces, stresses the importance of maximizing the space that you have. "It doesn't matter what size your closet is," says Sinovec. "The most important thing to remember is to compartmentalize. Always save your shoe boxes and keep your shoes in them. Shoe boxes stack easily and neatly and help to free up a lot of useful space. If you have a lot of shoes, take a picture of each pair and tape the photo to the outside of the box. This will keep you from doing the frantic search when looking for a particular pair and keep your closet free of the unnecessary mess that usually occurs after you've been desperately looking."

2Buy plastic storage boxes

The best closet organizers for small closets might be the cheapest ones — plastic storage boxes. Storage boxes allow you to move out your seasonal clothes to create more room in your closet. You can store the boxes under your bed and change them out at the beginning of each season. Sinovec notes, "Also, if you don't have a proper drawer to store your socks or your unmentionables in, unused shoe boxes make really great compartments. It keeps those loose items such as socks and underwear neatly organized and easy to access."

3Get the hook up

For a small closet, you will need to have a few hooks on the back wall behind your clothes. You can hang belts, scarves and other accessories that you don't need daily out of the way. To reach them, just spread open your clothes. Add a few more hooks on one of the accessible closet walls (or right outside your closet) to hang your handbags. You also can hook a hanging shoe organizer on the back of your closet door to get shoes off the closet floor. Look for a hanging bag with clear pockets to see your shoes easily.

4Consider a professional organizing system

To maximize your space, you may consider a professionally designed organizing system for your small closet. Jerry Egner, president of Closets by Design, says, "It's amazing how much more you can fit into a closet that has an organization system installed. Clothes, shoes and accessories for all seasons can fit neatly into one closet. No more searching through boxes under your bed or in the garage for something you 'put away for winter' when everything can be at your fingertips."

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