Best cleaning products for busy moms

Aug 6, 2010 at 8:36 p.m. ET

Who has time to spend hours a day scrubbing, cleaning and washing? Certainly not most moms we know. Limit your cleaning workload with the help of these productive cleaning products, tailor-made for moms like you!

Woman with spray bottle

Spray bottle1Spray bottle

Investing in one or two spray bottles is money well spent. Whip up your own cleaning concoctions in seconds and use a spray bottle to get the job done. Looking for some good at-home cleaning solutions? Simply open your kitchen pantry to find one useful combination -- baking soda and white vinegar. Together they can clean a spotty carpet, unclog a drain, or remove a handprint from a wall.

Cordless Vacuum2Cordless vacuum

When you're vacuuming in a hurry, there's nothing more annoying than lugging a heavy vacuum all around the house and re-plugging in the power cord every few minutes. So give your back (and patience) a break by purchasing a cordless vacuum like this Platinum Collection Cordless Stick Vacuum from Hoover. Not only is it slim and lightweight (weighing in at about 7 pounds) but it also can reach tiny nooks and crannies thanks to its special reclining handle. This portable vacuum operates with the help of a rechargeable battery. Use it in place of a broom and dustpan to tidy up your kitchen, too!

32-in-1 Toilet cleaning

2-1 Scrubbing bubbles

Out of all the cleaning chores, scrubbing toilets is probably one of everyone's least favorite. Not only does it take a while, but it's also not the most pleasant experience, especially if you have to carry your toilet brush from bathroom to bathroom. That's where Scubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush 2-in-1 comes in handy. Use the heavy-duty disposable pads for weekly cleanings and the flushable toilet cleaner pads for daily touch-ups. Because you change the pads with each cleaning, you don't have to worry about the storage of a germy brush. Look for the Starter Kit, which includes a handle, storage hook and several pads.

Pledge4Multi surface wipes

Cleaning wipes are most moms' best friends. Not only are they quick, easy and effective, but they're great multi-taskers, too. Take, for example, Pledge Multi Surface wipes. These versatile wipes can be used to clean and dust wood, glass and electronics, to name a few. You can even use them on stainless steel. Multi surface wipes make a great addition to your cleaning kit since they are easily moved from room to room.


If you're looking for a cleaning product with plenty of germ fighting potential, look no further than your laundry room. Count on bleach (like this one from Clorox) to clean your children's toys, sanitize sponges and dishcloths, sanitize cutting boards and clean out sink drains.

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