Romancing the bedroom for Valentine's Day

Feb 2, 2010 at 1:44 p.m. ET

After an intimate Valentine's Day dinner for two, many couples end up in the bedroom (let's hope so, anyway). Here are a few tips to make your bedroom a little sexier this heart day.

Romantic Bedroom

decorative touches

To make the transition more memorable, surprise your sweetheart by romancing this most personal room with decorative touches fit for the lovers you are. Warm colors and luxurious fabrics crank up the heat in the bedroom. "Color can create romance," says designer Heather Segreti of Toronto-based Heather Segreti Design.

"I suggest painting the room in a neutral palette, such as warm taupe, creamy sand or soft green, and pumping it up with vibrant, stimulating colors like red or exotic purple in your accent pieces and artwork. [If you] like red but not on all four walls, paint one wall red or warm up the room with a red cushion."

Ditch the bright lights

Segreti also recommends looking up for a change of atmosphere. "If you want to do something quick to improve your space, eliminate the ceiling-mounted fixture. Use table or indirect lighting on a dimmer, which allows you to adjust the mood in the bedroom," Segreti says. "On the bedside table, add candles or a candle-like fixture that uses fabric and a blower [to mimic] a torchiere lamp."

Material matters

The interior designer decorates with luxurious materials such as silk, sequins and faux silk with iridescent beading, or with designs such as a heart on a cushion. Other fabric options include upholstering your headboard, creating a canopy over your head or draping a chenille throw across the bed using solid colors or textured fabric instead of busy patterns that take away from the room's romance. On the walls, she suggests hanging your wedding photo, an erotic picture taken on your honeymoon, a romantic impressionist painting or a risqué nude silhouette.

Segreti's finishing touches include a lovely tray filled with champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, candles and tropical red flowers; this will certainly turn your boudoir into a lover's paradise.

To enhance the mood, turn on soft, romantic music, but don't turn on the flat screen television -- it is best left outside the bedroom door... though there is an exception.

nix the boob tube -- unless

According to Rebecca "Dr. Date" Rosenblat, a certified relationship sexuality therapist and radio/television personality, "One of the things that I tell people is, don't have a TV in the bedroom unless they are going to watch some erotic videos. Bedrooms should represent rest, relaxation and sensual time. When you come to bed, you should know you are coming to bed to sleep, make love or have fun. Always make the bedroom a special place."

Rosenblat has some sexy ideas in her own boudoir that are sure to excite her businessman husband, Joe Billings. To begin with, conveniently located in the bedroom closet is a folding massage table that the couple brings out to give each other massages by candlelight. "I plan to light dozens of red and gold candles, fill the room with dozens of red roses, and on the bed, sprinkle rose-scented red silk petals instead of real rose petals that can stain your sheets," she shares.

a better bed

If you are looking to truly stimulate all senses, why not add a touch of décor to your mattress? Magniflex, Italy's largest mattress producer, just introduced its new "Love Sex" mattress. This mattress has various decorative designs and logos covering the velvety-soft fabric that covers it; plus, it has built-in temperature and perspiration control on the top, side and core. Who better than our romantic Italian friends to offer us the perfect product for amore!

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