How to hang pictures with ease

Hanging pictures is a deceptively simple process, as you can easily hammer the nail into the wall and place the picture in a matter of minutes. However, any decorator will tell you that there is much more to it. Here are some ways to hang pictures up around your house in a fun, easy, and aesthetically appealing way.

Picture Frame on WallStep 1: Select an arrangement

First, decide how you want to hang the pictures up on the wall. You can arrange them on the floor first and measure how far away from each other they should hang.

Step 2: Make groupings

Consider grouping the pictures by fours in a square pattern, which then creates the illusion of a larger picture. You can also play with numbers other than four, such as a group of three pictures, one larger and two smaller, arranged in a square formation.

Step 3: Place them at eye level

When you hang pictures, make sure to do so at eye level. Otherwise, the viewer’s eyes will be drawn to the wall, not the picture.

Step 4: Use your space

A large wall decorated with a single small picture may make for a questionable modern art exhibit, but for most interior decorations, you will want to make full use of your space without creating a busy atmosphere.

Step 5: Buy a kit

Once you decide how you want your pictures to be hung on the wall, purchase a picture hanging kit from your local hardware store. These contain everything you need to hang pictures. Be sure to use a tape measure or level to hang pictures evenly.

Step 6: Use plenty of support

The larger the picture, the larger the hook will have to be to support the weight of the picture. For especially large pictures, use two hooks.

Step 7: Mix things up

If you are going for a more modern look, mix up your picture frames. Otherwise, uniform picture frames evoke a sense of elegance.

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