How to revamp your basement

In days gone by, basements were used to store preserves, canned fruit and other supplies. However, the times have changed and basements are now being remodeled so that they can function as actual living space. If you want to revamp your basement, follow these steps.

Finished Basement Step 1: Assess the basement

Before you decide revamp your basement, go down there and survey the situation. If the room is cramped and there are too many leaking pipes and not enough air, remodeling your basement may be an impossibility.

Step 2: Clean the entire basement

If you haven’t used your basement as living space, the chances are high that it isn’t the most pleasant place on earth. Get your hands on some cleaning supplies and clean every inch of your basement. If you have mold in your basement, it is essential to get the mold professional removed.

Step 3: Add a dehumidifier and waterproof

Moisture is the number one enemy for basements. With that in mind, add a dehumidifier to the basement to keep things dry. The dehumidifier will also help eliminate the chances of the mold growing back. Waterproofing is another way to keep your basement a healthy place to visit.

Step 4: Select the type of room

Now that your basement is clean and protected, it’s time to use your imagination. What do you want to turn your basement into? An extra bedroom? A library? A video game room? Consider everything from the size to the number of electrical outlets when making your decision.

Step 5: Furnish the basement

When furnishing your basement, go about it like you would any other room of your home. Though it would be advisable to skip any materials that don’t do well in moist environments, like certain types of wood and leather.

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