Thom Filicia exclusive home decor tips

Thom Filicia launched a career beyond his Queer Eye pop culture beginnings. Filicia recently sought to reach out to moms and anyone who likes to redesign their own living space and sat down via video conference. SheKnows was there and has the most triumphant design tips, regardless of budget.

The book on design by Thom Filicia

Filicia has recently released his book Thom Filicia Style: Inspired Ideas for Creating Rooms You’ll Love. In this economy, when so many of us are hanging on to our homes and also spending more time in them by going out less, the space around us has never been more vital.

“The key is you really have to be honest with yourself about what your budget is and what your goals are,” Filicia says.

“We always have to remember what is expensive to one person, may not be to another. I think right now there are some really great deals to be had out there on furniture and accessories. This is the time to be very smart and thoughtful. Today when we’re designing, I think we can be a little bit more creative than we were when there was…a little more capital floating around.”

2009 is the time to invest in solid, quality pieces that will transcend time. “Things that are amortizing over 5 to 10 years are going to be quite affordable,” Filicia says.

Room with a View

If you’ve noticed; the guests on The View have been a bit more inspired of late. The ladies’ new Green Room (guest waiting area) is producing interviews beyond compare.

Thom Fillicia was the man providing The View. “The Green Room was sad and an uninspiring dressing room where celebrities like Tom Cruise were spending a lot of their time,” Filicia says. “They were dismal. [See the before shot immediately below.] We made these spaces into something that was inviting and comfortable — a home away from home for the celebrities.”

A Green Room Thom calls 'sad'

The View hosts talent across a cultural spectrum and the Green Room required that flexibility. “Joy talks about bringing animals on the show. I have never seen an animal on the show. The animal kingdom of daytime television! (laughs) What’s neat about that space is you need it for dancers too and I wanted to make sure it had the ability to function really well for those unusual situations as well the typical day-to-day,” Filicia says. “I’ve been on the show before and I wanted to make sure it connected with the women of The Viewin terms of aesthetically making a connection, so it felt custom-designed for them.”

Filicia also sought his Green Room creation to mirror the concept of the hit show. “The show is called The View. Each dressing room has its own view. One is of the Brooklyn Bridge at night, one Central Park and one is Times Square. (There is) one big mural in each dressing room. That set the tone for the space and, i.e. The View,” Filicia says. (See the room’s makeover below!)

Thom injected a View into The View's Green Room

The Queer Eye and Dress My Neststar’s designer talents run deep. With the release of his book, he can introduce himself beyond his television persona while simultaneously elevating his readers’ living space to their dreams.

“The idea of the book begins with you get to know me. Where I’m from, what I’ve done up throughout my education. Where I worked before I had my own company. I work commercial and residential design. I do private commissions a variety of things from W Hotels to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.”

Then, Thom Filicia Stylelaunches into his philosophy of design. “I believe that everyone’s home and interior should tell their story. It should really be personal, unique and authentic to your life,” he says. “Whether I’m working with an individual who’s in a one-bedroom apartment or I’m working with a family who lives in the Hamptons…I’m really tapping into who that person is or who those people are. What defines them and what makes them. Your location, why you choose to be there? That really is my philosophy.”

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