Cherry or grape tomatoes are popular in home gardens because they're easy to grow and are prolific producers. The cute little fruits are fun to pick and make a sweet, healthy snack. There’s a whole world of heirloom varieties of cherry tomatoes that go well beyond the color red. If you are looking to add some fun tomato varieties to your garden this year, these are some of the tastiest and prettiest currently available.

Blue Berries

Image: Baker Creek Seeds

These babies start off as a deep purple/blue but turn reddish when they ripen. The purple/blue color will remain on some of the fruit when it is exposed to intense sunlight. The plant produces delectable one- to two-ounce cherry tomatoes. They are very fruity and sugary sweet.


Image: Jessica Merz/Flickr

This is one of my favorite tomatoes. Not only is it a bright, sunny orange, it has a delicious, tangy-sweet flavor. Sungolds are tasty right off the vine and get sweeter when cooked. They grow in long clusters of 10-15 fruits per stem. Your kids will eat them like candy!

Black Cherry

Image: Laurie Hulsey/Flickr

This is a lovely tomato perfectly round in shape and with a pretty reddish-black color. Their flavor is rich and sweet. They look and taste great in salads and on kabobs. They are very vigorous growers and will need to be tamed early on to keep them from growing all over the place.

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Yellow Pear

Image: Lori Erickson/Flickr

The tall, vigorous vines of the Yellow Pear bear large quantities of small one-ounce lemon yellow, pear-shaped fruits. Their flavor is mild and adds a fun texture and interest to fresh salads.

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Yellow Nugget

Image: Susie's Farm/Flickr

Among the first to ripen of all cherry tomatoes, Gold Nugget attains rich, sweet flavor when mature. The plants are loaded with 3/4-inch, round golden fruit from early in the season until first frost.

Ivory Pear

Image: Baker Creek Seeds

This rare tomato variety doesn’t disappoint. The plant is loaded with pear-shaped tomatoes once it gets going. They are very sweet, low in acid with a slight tang.

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Pink Vernissage

Image: Baker Creek Seeds

This is a fun tomato with pink fruits with faint green-to-orange stripes. They are good for fresh eating, salads, drying or making sauces. They are very productive over a long season and offer a great tomato flavor in a small package.

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Violet Jasper

Image: Baker Creek Seeds

Violet Jasper is a true beauty. The fruits are violet-purple with iridescent green streaks. The fruit can weigh one to three ounces. The flavor is mild: no tartness and low acidity. The plants grow vigorously and bear heavily so they will need additional support.

Red Currant

Image: Christian Guthier/Flickr

OK, these are red but super cute! Just as the name suggests, they are tiny — the size of currants. Red Currant is a very heavy-yielding, long-season variety that sets enormous clusters of fruit. Their flavor is sweet and tart and very intense. You will get more tomato flavor in these petite babies than in tomatoes 10 times their size.

Chocolate Cherry

Image: Caroline/Flickr

Just the name alone makes me want to eat it. These tomatoes are about one inch in diameter with a purplish-red color when ripe. They are great for snacking on and add a little sweetness to salads and pastas.

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