Melbourne cottage featured in Beyoncé film clip is on the market

This house is either a renovator’s dream or a first home buyer’s nightmare, but if anyone can get it sold, it’s Beyoncé.

The rundown Brunswick cottage featured in Beyoncé’s “No Angel” film clip back in 2013 when Queen Bey was in town to perform at Rod Laver Arena.

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Strutting her stuff through the streets of Melbourne in nothing but a white leotard and a fluffy jacket to match, the only person who didn’t know who the star was was owner of the Brunswick property, Jeanette Meadows.

When someone came to her door asking if they could use the facade of the house as a backdrop in a video, Meadows thought the person said “Fiancé” not “Beyoncé”.

Meadows is moving on from the property, which has been in the family for many years, and you’d think that the Beyoncé link would be enough to get the property sold. Surely there are a handful of die-hard fans who’d like to snap this baby up.

The property is on the market for around $500,000 but so far there haven’t been any takers.

Beyonce "No Angel" house up for sale

Beyonce "No Angel" house up for sale
Beyonce "No Angel" house up for sale
Beyonce "No Angel" house up for sale

With crumbling walls and an overgrown backyard, the Beyoncé link is clearly the biggest drawcard.

The Domain real estate listing even listed the main attraction of the Edwardian home as “the scene of pop megastar Beyoncé’s 2013 No Angel video clip”.

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Some Queen Bey fans have taken to social media, suggesting the house should be heritage listed. Because history happened right on the front porch of this unassuming house. And clearly that needs to be remembered.

Real estate agent, Luke Sacco, says he didn’t even know the house’s link to Beyoncé.

“I only really heard a lot of the Beyoncé story once I worked out that it was the house,” he told the ABC. “I did a bit of my own research.”

Unfortunately, though, the house is in poor condition with a lot of work to be done to make it liveable.

“It’s been in the family for a long time, but now unfortunately the mum has moved on and the family is selling it,” he said.

With Bey’s help, anything is possible.

What do you think of the house? Let us know.

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