8 Things you didn’t know your alarm system could do

You know a traditional alarm system will alert you if someone tries to break into your home, but did you know there are many other ways a smart home security can make your life easier?

Equipping your home with a smart home security system, like the ones available through Alarm.com, will put your mind at ease by automating parts of your life you don’t have to think about and giving you access no matter where you are through one, easy mobile app. Below are some of the awesome things your alarm system can do for you — many we’re betting you didn’t even know about.

1. Automated energy savings

Forget about setting your heater to come back on at the time you think you’ll be home. Some smart home alarm systems use geo-services to detect when you’re away and start conserving energy all on their own. When you start heading home, it automatically kicks into gear and brings everything back to a comfortable temperature by the time you arrive. Nothing like having a house that welcomes you home, right?

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2. Remote access

Let someone into your home without having to speed across town. Using a smart home security system, you can use an app to remotely open doors and even your garage when you need to.

3. Check up on the kids

You know when your kids are supposed to get home from school, and so does your alarm system. Use your app to receive text notifications when your kids haven’t accessed the house by their expected time. Now if only it followed them around too…

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4. Get entrance alerts

You’ll always know when your pet-sitter, mother-in-law or other welcome guest lets themselves into your house if you’re using a smart security system. Just set it up to alert you whenever your home is accessed, and you’ll get an alert right away. You can also set up to send notifications when they leave, so you’ll know exactly who is in your house, and when.

5. Get reminders

We all get absentminded from time to time, and you can count on your security system to give you a much nicer reminder than your spouse would. Receive alerts through your app if you leave the house without locking up properly, and you can lock the door or close the garage without trekking all the way back home.

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6. Temporary guests access

It’s not always convenient (or safe) to give out spare keys. Instead, give guests, contractors and other temporary visitors their very own numerical access to your home, and get a notification every time they come or go. You can delete the codes whenever you’re ready so their access is only temporary.

7. Lights

There’s something about coming home to a well-lit house that makes us feel more secure. Use your smart home security system to access individual outlets in your home through an app, allowing you to turn on and off lights and other electrical devices from any distance.

8. Ditch your phone

There’s no need to have your phone on hand to receive alerts even if you monitor your home security system through an app. Many modern systems are compatible with smartwatches, meaning you can access the same reminder and controls straight from your wrist.

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