17 Ways to brighten up a dark home (INFOGRAPHIC)

Mar 9, 2016 at 12:00 a.m. ET
Image: Photos Provided By Getty Images; Graphics By Terese Condella/SheKnows

Not every home is blessed with an abundance of natural light, but that doesn't mean you are relegated to dwelling in the dark forever.

Thankfully, there are tips and tricks aplenty for making the most of your home's natural light (or lack thereof). So if your home always feels dim and depressing, don't fret — there's no need to call your Realtor just yet.

Regardless of whether you have a big budget to toy with or need to stick to the basics to pinch a few pennies, you can brighten your home simply through the strategic use and placement of accents, lighting, furniture and more. Here are 17 simple suggestions that'll have you seeing the light.

Image: Photos provided by Getty Images; Graphics by Terese Condella/SheKnows

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