15 Outdoor Halloween decorations to make your yard spooktacular

Oct 10, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Whether you're transforming your once peaceful yard into a wretched mausoleum of doom and despair or simply making a playful gesture with a decoration or two, these frightful Halloween decorations will be sure to delight your friends and neighbors — and perhaps even a trick-or-treater or two.

1. Lit smiling burlap pumpkins

Lit smiling burlap pumpkins
Image: Pottery Barn

These crafty pumpkins made from burlap over metal and glass come in multiple sizes and colors and will light up your porch on Halloween just like a jack-o'-lantern, but without any of the cleanup or waste of the real thing. (Pottery Barn, $47-$71)

2. Zombie Gnomes: Bye Bye Birdie

Zombie Gnomes: Bye Bye Birdie
Image: Chris and Janes Place/Etsy

The zombie apocalypse has finally arrived... in your front yard. No lawn animal or figurine is safe from this remorseless horde of virus-stricken gnomes. (Etsy, $37)

3. Flaming pumpkins

Flaming pumpkins
Image: Grandin Road

Looking for a ghoulish gourd this Halloween? These flaming pumpkins are crafted from resin and are lit with fan-powered fabric for realistic-looking flames. (Grandin Road, $70)

4. Halloween crow wreath

Halloween Crow Wreath
Image: Williams-Sonoma

This unsettling wreath fashioned from bare twigs features a lone black-feathered crow on a nest of natural moss that will have even the most zealous of solicitors thinking twice about knocking. Unexpected visitors? Nevermore... yeah, I know. Wrong bird. (Williams-Sonoma, $70)

5. Primitive witch boots

Primitive witch boots
Image: Haunted Moon Emporium/Etsy

Grungy, hand-painted and dusted with cinnamon, these curly-toed witch boots would almost be convincing if they weren't so whimsical and fun. (Etsy, $30)

6. Lit dancing broom

Lit dancing broom
Image: Pottery Barn

This dancing broom left on your doorstep will let visitors know that a witch is lurking about — and that she has a wry sense of humor. (Pottery Barn, $103)

7. Zombie girl

Zombie girl
Image: Grandin Road

Carefully try to avoid this crimson-eyed, moaning zombie girl clawing her way out of the graveyard inexplicably located in your front lawn for brainz... more brainz. (Grandin Road, $80)

8. Sidewalk condemned signs

Sidewalk signs
Image: Amazon

Set the stage for a wicked evening of supernatural fun with these blood-splattered warning signs. (Amazon, $25)

9. Interactive dueling banjo zombies

Interactive dueling banjo zombies
Image: Grandin Road

Make this year's haunted hayride a memorable one with this pair of banjo-picking cousins who will play their fingers to the bone in a musical duel that's lasted well into the afterlife. (Grandin Road, $160)

10. Inflatable Gothic stone gateway

Inflatable Gothic stone gateway
Image: Grandin Road

Abandon all hope, ye who enter this realistic illuminated stone archway that stays firm thanks to a powerful fan and sand-weighted base. (Grandin Road, $119)

11. Bag of skeleton bones

Bag of skeleton bones
Image: Amazon

This 28-piece set of skeleton bones will make the perfect finishing touch to your gruesome house of horrors. (Amazon, $31)

12. Potion bottle set

Potion bottle set
Image: Ivan Troy Designs/Etsy

Always have skull dust or octopus slime handy for your needy neighbors during the holiday with this potion bottle set. (Etsy, $39)

13. Zombie swan planter

Zombie swan planter
Image: Spirit

While disturbing your guests and family, this unusual zombie swan planter is also a great place to grow your foxglove. (Spirit, $20)

14. Spooky animated tree

Spooky animated tree
Image: Amazon

With an animated trunk and limbs, flashing red-eyes and a wailing, evil laugh, you can be sure this ghastly sound-activated tree will only reward the bravest of the costumed candy-grabbers who dare breach your porch. (Amazon, $35)

15. Hanging bats

Bag of skeleton bones
Image: Amazon

If terrifying trick-or-treaters isn't your goal, celebrate Halloween with these light-hearted hanging bats that are weatherproof and easy to install. (Amazon, $20)

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