10 Big organization ideas for your tiny home

Whether you live in an actual tiny home or just a dorm or apartment so small it feels that way, these awesome organizational ideas for small spaces prove more square footage isn’t always necessary.

When it comes to tiny spaces, it’s important to think about how your furniture and decorative items might be able to do double-duty, to use all available space and to think in terms of modular and mobile solutions so spaces can also do double-duty.

1. Trofast storage combination

children's room featuring open, organized shelving
Image: Ikea

Open shelving will prevent your space from looking and feeling cramped while still giving you the storage space you need. We think the Trofast storage combination from Ikea would be perfect for the kitchen with a wood look that’s easy to replicate for the sink area. Its modular design also lets you control how much room it takes up. (Ikea, $75 and up)

2. Hanging herb garden

hanging herb garden
Image: Hayneedle

When you live in a tiny home, part of organizing is keeping like things together. You don’t have room for several pots of herbs. This hanging herb garden has a slim profile and a modern look, making it decorative and functional. Since the front door is always close in a tiny home, hang it on your front door instead of a wreath so your herbs will have plenty of sunshine and fresh air or just under a window on the outside so you can quickly water and pluck what you need. (Hayneedle, $118)

3. Mounted Mason jars

mason jars mounted to reclaimed wood
Image: BriarRidgeCreation/Etsy

Reclaim your counter and shelf space with mountable Mason jars, which can be filled with decorative flowers, odds and ends or even used in the kitchen for ingredients (with the lid). Make your own or buy them online. (Etsy, $29)

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4. Overhead mounted storage

mounted storage rack with bins
Image: Walmart

When you live in a tiny home, making use of all available space is vital, and that includes vertical space. These storage racks mount to the ceiling and you can use them to store odds and ends, overflow stock or extra linens and towels. (Walmart, $48)

5. Wall-mounted pumps

wall-mounted soap dispenser
Image: SimpleHuman

Wall-mounted pumps are for more than just soap and lotion. Use them in the kitchen for easy-access dispensers for any liquid of a similar consistency, like your most go-to oils.

6. Table with built-in shelving

workstation with built-in shelving
Image: Ikea

When you go tiny, one of the big fears is what you’ll do without room for all the surfaces you’re used to. How do you choose between a home office and a dinner table? Answer: You don’t. This table has plenty of room underneath for multiple people to sit and the attached shelving (which can be used vertically or horizontally) attaches to any non-glass table from the series so you choose the length. Use baskets to store the items you need to transform it from a dinner table to a work or craft table (and store them in the cubes). Or build your own unit if you’d like the table to fold up. (Ikea, price varies based on options)

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7. Test tube spice rack

test tube spice rack
Image: ohkdesign/Etsy

Living in a tiny space doesn’t mean you have to give up on flavor. This test tube spice rack takes up far less space than a traditional spice rack and keeps your spices together. (Etsy, $150)

8. Flexible shelving

wall cabinet to use as end table
Image: Ikea

Use wall-mountable shelves over doorways or in closets for extra storage, or use them as end tables facing either toward the wall or away for extra storage with a place to put your drink, too. (Ikea, $35)

9. Murphy bed with storage shelves

murphy bed with shelving
Image: Wayfair

If you have a tiny house, a Murphy bed is a no-brainer. But this kit takes it to a new level with built-in shelving for organizing. A few baskets and it takes the place of a chest of drawers. (Wayfair, $1,550)

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10. Vacuum bags

vacuum bags
Image: Walmart

Vacuum bags are a must-have in any small space. Just store items you need but use infrequently in the bags and vacuum out all the air to reduce the space they take up. (Walmart, $15 for a set of five)


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