10 Doormats inspired by TV shows and memes

Sep 18, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Doormats set the tone for our homes and ourselves. They let people know what to expect when they cross the threshold into our homes and lives. "Is this a playful and quirky home, where people put there feet up on the couch and tickle one another?" "Will I be offered wine or chocolate milk?"

You get a real sense of what to expect before you even walk inside.

Also, they help clean the dirt off the bottoms of your shoes and prevent dirty floors.

We've sourced the coolest and kookiest ones online so you don't have to.

1. Tell your mailman what you really think of him

Image: Etsy

2. FYI

it's bigger on the inside
Image: Etsy

3. May cause panda-monium

geek chic panda
Image: Etsy

4. 10/10 people will like this

binary code
Image: Etsy

5. Don't forget to lock up

slide to unlock
Image: Amazon.ca

6. Hello?

Image: Damn Good Doormats

7. Our house... in the middle of the street

our house
Image: Amazon.com

8. Don't forget

turn off your straightener
Image: Etsy

9. For the anti-social

bye felicia
Image: Damn Good Doormats

10. Obvious, but funny

hi i'm mat
Image: Rubbercal