10 'Little things' we love from Ikea's 2016 catalog

Sep 9, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. ET

Ikea's theme for 2016 is "It's the little things that matter," and we agree. That's why we've rounded up 10 of our favorite little things from the beloved Swedish retailer.

1. Cord keeper


Image: Ikea.com

Desk covered with errant cords? Clean up the mess with Ikea's KVISSLE cable management box. Slightly longer than a ruler, the box lets you charge your devices while chargers and cords hide under the lid. The raised, vented base keeps the box from getting too hot. (Ikea, $10)

2. Colorful desk organizers


Image: Ikea.com

And while you're organizing your desk, pick up a set of three HEJSAN pen cups. The multicolor containers are just the right size for pens, pencils, markers, craft brushes, rulers and other small items. And they're only a buck a piece. (Ikea, $3)

3. Multi-purpose stools


Image: Ikea.com

You will never run out of ways to utilize this adorable pair. The SPRUTT stool with storage features 14-inch and 16-1/2-inch storage bins that double as little stools. Great for laundry rooms, bedrooms and family rooms. (Ikea, $35)

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4. Hanging storage


Image: Ikea.com

Utilize vertical space with Ikea's TSUJIG hanger. It provides a perfect perch for jackets, hats, scarves, handbags and all of those other things that sometimes get thrown onto the floor of the hall closet. Use one for a simple display or several for serious hanging potential. (Ikea, $10)

5. Trendy kitchen storage


Image: Ikea.com

We love everything in Ikea's RIMFORSA series, but if we had to pick just one, it would be the natural bamboo holder with glass containers. Place it on your countertop or attach it to the Rimforsa rail for easy access to grains, pasta or whatever else you opt to store. (Ikea, $30)

6. Funky shades


Image: Ikea.com

Ikea is loaded with fun lighting options, and the JOXTORP paper shades are just one fun example. The origami-style shades come in a variety of colors to use with your choice of cord sets. (Ikea, $4)

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7. Alternative lighting


Image: Ikea.com

For a new way to display ordinary candles or tealights, try Ikea's JÄTTEVIKtiG candle holders. Use one for a simple statement or combine several to create your own candelabra. (Ikea, $18/set of 2)

8. Meal storage solutions


Image: Ikea.com

Thanks to Ikea, you'll never have to eat a soggy salad for lunch again. The BLANDNING Lunch Box for Salad is a leak-proof container that lets you keep salad, bread and dressing separated until you're ready to eat. (Ikea, $6)

9. Easily accessible bedtime storage


Image: Ikea.com

When there's no room for a nightstand, the STICKAT bed pocket comes to the rescue. Hang it right on your child's bed to provide a spot for stashing necessities and little treasures. Oh, and that duvet cover and pillowcase in the background? They're less than $15! (Ikea, $5)

10. Inexpensive furniture in fun colors


Image: Ikea.com

The LACK side table is just $10… why not buy one of each of the seven colors? (Ikea, $10)

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