Michelle Obama reveals fancy White House State Dining Room makeover

Jul 9, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. ET

First lady Michelle Obama revealed the renovated White House State Dining Room on Tuesday, and it's gorgeous.

The entire project has taken years and cost nearly $600,000. The room hadn’t been refurbished since first lady Hillary Clinton redid the dining room in 1998.

Here's your "before" look:

White House State Dining Room before

Image: Sky RED/YouTube

The White House State Dining Room is an historic and significant room in the White House. The room was used by Thomas Jefferson as an office during his term, which began in 1801. James Madison was the first use the room as a dining room, which was later expanded by Theodore Roosevelt to seat 140 guests.

Here's the "after" look:

white house state dining room

Image: Sky RED/YouTube

The first lady doesn't have carte blanche to decorate however she likes. Renovations are meticulously overseen by the Committee for the Preservation of the White House and the White House Endowment Trust. Which also means that anyone getting all worked up about the $590,000 price tag should note that the White House Endowment Trust is funded by private donors, not by taxpayer dollars.

dining table

Image: Sky RED/YouTube

Every detail of the dining room was considered by the first lady as well as by the committee. For instance, the blue in the drapes, china and the rug are called "Kailua" blue and is meant to evoke images of the blue ocean water surrounding Hawaii, where President Obama grew up.

White House state dining room kailua blue

Image: Sky RED/YouTube

The chairs around the dining table were reportedly modeled after chairs that were in the East Room in 1818. According to White House curator William Allman, the chairs were acquired by President James Monroe from a cabinetmaker in Georgetown.

White House state dining room chairs

The White House State Dining Room is an important part of American history, and the new decor is now a part of that history. Pretty, right? What do you think?

Here's more on the renovation.


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