7 Easy gardening projects to enjoy with your kids

Jun 17, 2015 at 3:04 p.m. ET
Image: Carrie/Making Lemonade

With summer starting any second, it’s time to find some good outdoor activities for kids that you can enjoy doing too! These seven easy gardening projects are the perfect way to enjoy playing in the dirt and playing with your kids.

1. Mini K-Cup garden

Image: Evey/Evey’s Creations

Turn your leftover coffee pods into pretty hanging planters for small greenery. Clean the cups out and give them to your kids to decorate before filling them with soil and plants.

2. Rain boot flower bed

Image: Lisa/Concord Cottage

Take last season's worn-out rain boots and, together with your gardening sidekicks, fill them with colorful flowers.These sweet planters are great for hanging on an open garden fence, or arranging throughout your flower bed.

3. Garden markers

Image: Lisa/Pebbles and Piggytails

Have your children help you get your garden in order in a fun and easy way! First, collect large stones from around your property, and then give them each a colorful coat of paint and a helpful label, for plant markers to keep track of your vegetables.

4. Children's fairy garden

Image: Carrie/Making Lemonade

Just think of how much your daughter loves her dollhouse. Well, a fairy garden is just like that, except it actually grows! Have your children help you plant all the miniature greens and flowers in your garden, and then fill it with tiny figurines and details.

5. DIY seed tape

Image: Melissa/Empress of Dirt

Make planting easier for you and your kids by DIYing your own seed tape using tissues! Mix a simple paste and let your children help you stick on the seeds and plant the tape in the garden.

6. Butterfly hatching

Image: Colleen/Little Homesteaders

More pollinators are always good for the garden, and your kids can help add more to yours. Simply care for a caterpillar as it grows into a butterfly, and then release it into your yard. This little DIY is educational for your kids and a pleasure to add to your flower beds.

7. Tiny terrariums

Image: Robin/All Things House & Home

All you need for this mini plant sanctuary is an empty glass jar. Help your children load their container up with plants, moss and small decorations, to give them a personalized terrarium that they can care for and enjoy.

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