Arranging flowers like a pro is simpler than you think

One of the best ways to decorate our homes is to add fresh, beautiful flowers but arranging them can be scary, right?

There are so many types and options that often it seems much easier to get a pre-made bouquet but once you do learn how to make pretty flower arrangements yourself, I’m sure you will never get the ready one again. Have a look at the following tips to make flower styling, easier than even before!

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1. Choosing flowers:

  • Color palette – I noticed that the best looking bouquets are limited to maximum three colors that match each other. To me, the best idea to understand if they are a good fit is to think if you would wear them all together. If my answer is yes, I’m good to go.
  • Choose flowers – Start with choosing one main flower that you absolutely love for its color or shape, then match up the rest.
  • Think of a type and shape – Try to find flowers of different types and sizes for achieving more interesting effect. Roses of three different colors are not going to look as pretty as mixed flowers.
  • Always add greens – They are a great way to add texture to the flower bouquet – you might want to add a branch from your garden, green leaf fillers, grasses or for example tinted greens from your flowershop.

Arranging-flowers-like-a-pro 2

2. Arranging the flowers

  • Choose a vase depending on the effect you want to achieve. Glass vase will give the flowers more casual look, painted glass will look more elegant. You can also use jars, cans or anything else that you like.
  • Cut the flowers into the right height of your vase – use clippers or a sharp knife. Make sure they are not too short.
  • Clean the flowers – get rid of all the unnecessary leaves and other distractions.

Arranging-flowers-like-a-pro 3

  • When you start arranging your flowers think of symmetry, heights and angles. If they are going to be a centerpiece they have to look good from all the sides. Start from the center (which usually will be the highest point) and add the flowers and greens symmetrically to the sides.
  • Have fun trying different compositions, until you find the one that you are happy with.
  • Tie your composition with a hairband, ribbon or a string to keep your flowers in place.
  • Add few drops of flower ‘food’ or bleach to the water to prevent bacteria and make your flowers last longer.

Arranging-flowers-like-a-pro 4

Hope you found these tips useful!

One of the best ways to decorate your home is to add fresh, beautiful flowers but arranging them can be scary, right?


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