These 10 most expensive U.S. streets sure are fun to look at

All right, so none of us regular people will ever be able to live on any of these streets, but they sure are fun to look at! The top 10 priciest and yes, lavishly gorgeous, residential roads in America.

1. Indian Creek Island Road, Florida

Indian Creek Island Road

Image: Zillow

Median home value: $21.48 million

Known as the “most prestigious address” in America, Indian Creek Island Road is the only street on the exclusive Indian Creek Island in eastern Florida. Also known as Miami’s “billionaire bunker,” the island is home to four of the richest people in the U.S. and celebrities including Eddie Murphy and Julio Iglesias. An island that offers only 40 waterfront properties, it can be accessed by only one entrance and is heavily patrolled by police on land, boat and jet ski 24/7. Looks like we normal folk can’t go house hunting on this island.

2. Beverly Park Circle, California

Beverly Park Circle

Image: Zillow

Median home value: $16.238 million

It comes as no surprise that the second-priciest street belongs to the infamous 90210 zip code. Packed with mansions, acres and money, Beverly Park Circle is nearly paparazzi proof with only two guarded entrances. Former baseball player Barry Bonds called one of the few houses home, as does Sylvester Stallone and Rod Stewart. Averaging 20,000 square feet apiece, it’s no surprise that these mansions drip with dollars.

3. Beverly Park Terrace, California


Image: Zillow/Bing

Median home value: $15.813 million

Go around the corner and you’ll find the third-priciest street in America, Beverly Hills Terrace. Similar to its Circle sister, the Terrace is filled with owners who could have had their own episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Averaging $15 million apiece, it’s a bit shocking that none of the properties on this exclusive terrace are currently up for sale.

4. Lazy Lane Blvd, Texas

Lazy Lane

Image: Zillow/Bing

Median home value: $15.42 million

Located in Houston’s reputable River Oaks area, the half-mile street of Lazy Lane Boulevard is home to 13 posh estates. None of which are available for sale, much to the dismay of Houston’s finest. River Oaks, also known as the most expensive community in Texas, provides home to exclusive businessmen, athletes and oil figures.

5. Conyers Farm Drive, Connecticut

Conyers Farm

Image: Zillow

Median home value: $13.033 million

Developed in the 1980s, Conyers Farm was built for luxury. Located in the popular Greenwich, the town has made the top of Money magazine’s “100 Best Places To Live” and has been home to many films and television shows, including The Switch, Old Dogs and The Profit. Not to mention, Mel Gibson, Ron Howard, Montel Williams and dozens of other A-listers have had the pleasure of calling this Connecticut town home.

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6. Strawberry Park, Colorado

Strawberry Court

Image: Zillow

Median home value: $12.421 million

Another notable address belongs to Strawberry Park in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Home to a beautiful ski resort and the 1976 Olympics, Beaver Creek is not only frequently visited by one percenters, they’ve also lived here. Kelsey Grammer has called the mountainous area home, as have Gerald and Betty Ford.

7. Field Point Circle, Connecticut

Field Point Circle

Image: Zillow

Median home value: $12.113 million

It comes at no shock that another Greenwich, Connecticut, street makes the list with its top-notch amenities and celebs. Located at the southernmost base of the state, Field Point Circle real estate offers picturesque views of the Long Island Sound and Indian Harbor.

8. Coopers Neck Lane, New York

Coopers Neck Lane

Image: Zillow

Median home value: $11.872 million

Let’s pretend we’re the Kardashians and vacation on one of Southampton’s most expensive streets. Although not super famous for its celebrity homeowners, one of the country’s most regal women, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, called Southampton home in the 1960s. With an impressive view, Cooper’s Neck Lane is located near three nearly perfect bodies of water: Cooper’s Beach, Cooper’s Neck Pond and of course, the great Atlantic.

9. Nimes Road, California

Nimes Road

Image: Zillow

Median home value: $11.445 million

10. Arvida Parkway, Florida

Arvida Parkway

Image: Zillow

Median home value: $11.209 million

Located in the prestigious gated community of Coral Gables in southern Florida, Arvida Parkway homes live up to their lavish address. Each property provides grand ocean views, while the city itself has some pretty impressive businesses and famous residents.

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