DIY gallery wall for renters

Jun 1, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Are you a renter thinking of decorating your walls? Check out this idea and tips on how to transform your wall instantly.

DIY Gallery Wall for Renters 1

For all of those who are renting apartments, the biggest problem is a lack of freedom to decorate their walls, the way they like. Most of the landords say 'No!' to anything that could make even the smallest hole in the wall, so any hooks or nails are out of question. There is more than one solution, for sure, however my all time favorite is making little galleries, by using a masking tape to stick to the wall inspirational images. In this way, we can instantly transform a plain white corner into a beautiful moodboard, a corner that looks a lot more like home.

DIY Gallery Wall for Renters 2

The instructions are very simple, all we need to do is cut little pieces of washi tape, attach to the top of our images and then stick them in a desired place on a wall. What is more problematic sometimes is what we want to put on our wall, so let me give you a few hints if you are looking for some ideas:

DIY Gallery Wall for Renters 3

  1. Think of a context — where are you going to create your little gallery (kitchen? bedroom? living room?) What story are they going to tell? (Latest fashion inspiration? Design finds? Or maybe a family story?)
  2. Collect all the inspiring materials — magazine cut outs, postcards, your own photos, typographic images.
  3. Color theme — try to keep in mind one color palette that will fit your room's decor.
  4. Mix it all up — prints, photos with magazine cut outs and typographic posters, add patterns and materials if you wish, everything what makes you visually inspired.
  5. Think of a layout and try experimenting with it. Before attaching it to the wall, arrange it on the floor to see if you like how it looks.
  6. Once it's all ready, attach your images to the wall, and enjoy the instant effect!

DIY Gallery Wall for Renters

I'm not renting anymore but still love creating little galleries in the certain corners of my home. I have created this one on the wall of my studio during the design week, to be inspired by all the recent design trends and interesting finds. What do you think of it?