7 Home decorating ideas you're too scared to try

Jun 24, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. ET
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Bring your decor up to date with one (or more!) of the year's most popular home interior trends. Easy-peasy!

1. Black. Black is always on-trend in fashion. In home decor, however, it's an ever-evolving notion. The goal is to avoid the haunted house effect and shoot for subtle elegance. Consider pairing pale walls with black door and window trim. Try painting kitchen cabinets (or perhaps just the island). Or add black paint to just one accent wall for a hint of drama.

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2. Moroccan chic. "This trend can be easily introduced into your home with a simple lamp shade, table lamp, accent pillow or home accessory," says Michael Murphy, interior design and trends producer of Lamps Plus. "By making a small investment, you will not feel guilty when the next trend comes along and you want to update."

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3. Geometric prints. Chevron is so last year. Look for area rugs and drapes in honeycomb, basket-weave patterns and other large patterns to add visual interest and texture. And don't be afraid to mix patterns!

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4. Wallpaper. Wallpaper opens up a whole new world of trendy design options — without the work and commitment of the old-fashioned paste-on stuff. Use removable fabric wallpaper to add some punch to an accent wall, the backs of bookshelves or even a ceiling. The impermanence lets you experiment until you get the perfect look.

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5. Gold and brass. Designer Beverly Solomon cringes when clients request Las Vegas Chic: "Over-the-top witch's brew of gold, mirrors and chrome on white." But make no mistake: Metal-infused decor is back. Avoid gaudiness by opting for small amounts of low-shine brass on door handles, drawer pulls, picture frames or pendant lights.

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6. Tropical decor. This floral design trend has the potential to look like cheap motel room decor. Make it work by introducing it in small doses: a toss pillow, a table runner or a lush tropical plant.

"Floral prints are a fixture of the fashion world, but they evolve over time," says Faith Phillips, design and trends expert for La-Z-Boy. "Their decorative aspects make these blooms perfectly suited for a tufted ottoman, pillows and chair that become additional pieces of artwork within the room."

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7. Yellow. This season, expect to see yellow everywhere. Yellow paint. Yellow furniture. Yellow textiles. Yellow decor. Go too light, and you'll get an institutional look. Go too bright, and the effect can be ghastly. Introduce yellow gradually, as an accent — and practice restraint.

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