DIY colorful glass vases to showcase your spring blooms

Add some color to your home decor for spring with this fun and quick DIY.

DIY vase 1

Let’s start spring decorating with a pop of color, shall we? I am one of those people who prefer to get new decorations rather than get rid of the old ones, so I particularly like DIYs when old items get a new life and purpose. These DIY colorful vases got their fabulous look with a little bit of spray paint. Instead of being stored in the basement for many years, they are now proudly displayed on my desk. Try colors that reflect your current mood and simply make you smile, even if they might not be your usual choices. This is an easy and inexpensive DIY so don’t be scared to experiment! Below you can see what colors I chose and how I made my vases:

 DIY vase 2

You will need:

  • Glass jars, vases, bottles or glass vases from a dollar store
  • Spray paints in desired colors (I got neon pink and noen red/orange)
  • Newspapers or protective foil to cover the floors when spray painting

DIY vase: supplies


1. First of all, wash your glassware well and remove all the labels if there are any.

2. Cover your floor with newspaper or protective foil to avoid getting your floors dirty. Place your vases (one at a time) on top of the newspapers.

3. Shake a spray paint and spray your vase around the bottom. In order to mix two colors, first spray the bottom of your vase with 1 color (neon pink) then spray a layer of the second color (neon red/orange), slightly above it. Wait about 2 hours for it to dry well.

DIY vase 3

This is one of the easiest ways to update your glassware and give it a new, pretty look for spring. And if you wish to change the color, you can always wash the current paint away and start again. Happy decorating!

DIY vase 4


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