The most adorable gardening tips you'll ever get (VIDEO)

Mar 5, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. ET

With frosty grounds and frigid winds, gardening may be the last thing on your mind. However, spring will come my friends, so we may as well start planning for it. If you don't have a green thumb, these darling little horticulturists may just convince you to spend some time in the dirt this year.

1. Don't pour your pasta water down the drain

It always seems like a waste to pour a whole pan of water down the drain. It turns out you don't have to. That starchy water is good for your plants. It's not just pasta water though — use water you boiled potatoes in, broccoli or any other veggie. If your child is as graceful as the little guy in this video, we'd suggest pouring the cooled water into a jug or something easier to carry.


2. Line your pots with a thin sponge

If your pots seem to dry out more quickly than you can keep them watered this trick may help. Use a large, thin sponge to line the bottom of the pot. It will help hold water in and keep your plants moist for longer. You may want to avoid this trick for plants that don't like to be water-logged or that don't like to be kept moist as it could damage them.


3. Use paper muffin liners and muffin tins to start seedlings

No need to buy a seed-starting kit or any special supplies. There's a good chance you have what you need to start seeds already. Line a muffin tin with paper liners and fill each with a small amount of soil. Add your seeds and set the tin in front of a warm, sunny window indoors. Water accordingly. When it is time to transfer the seedlings, take them out of the muffin tin and simply place the whole thing — paper liner included — in a pot or in the ground.


4. Rub your fingers over a bar of soap to avoid dirty nails

Getting dirt under your nails is an inevitable part of gardening — or so we thought. This little trick can help keep the dirt out and make cleaning up so much easier. Simply run your fingers over a bar of soap hard enough so that the soap actually gets underneath your fingernails.


5. Dry herbs in your car

On a warm, sunny day use the power of the sun and your car to dry your herbs in a flash. Your car will probably get a burst of aroma from the herbs so make sure you like the smell. Simply lay fresh herbs on a paper towel and set it on the seat. Let the sun do its magic and before long you'll have perfectly dried herbs.


6. Use a coffee filter to hold your soil in

If soil leaks out of your pots each time you water them just add a coffee filter. A coffee filter at the bottom of your pot will allow water to drain out while holding the soil in. Brilliant. While you're at it, used coffee grounds are great for plants too so why not toss some in to your acid-loving plants?


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