Etsy finds: Kitschy candles

They make your home smell divine and they look beautiful: Candles are an easy, feel-good decoration that actually serve a purpose. While there are thousands of handmade candles in the shops and on cyberspace, these kitschy ones from Etsy tick all the right boxes. If you want a candle no-one else will have, grab these ones before they’re gone.

Etsy finds

Sugary sweet

milk and cookies candles

If your inner child isn’t dancing around with joy at the sight of these candles, you need them more than anyone else. The artist behind these candles, Pookaberrys, created them as a throwback to her childhood, and no doubt they will have you reaching for some old-fashioned milk and cookies over your nightly peppermint tea. Not only are these candles so cute it hurts, but buy the whole range and your house will smell like a delicious combination of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Handmade from natural soy wax, they will add some sweetness in your life (without any of the guilt) and be a great talking point when you have guests over.

A bling thing

glitter candle

This glittery candle is perfect for those who don’t really like sweet-smelling scents but love all things pretty. The candle-maker, Janelle of StillWaterCandles, makes a good point: Because it’s unscented, this candle is great to pull out at dinner parties as it won’t compete with the scent of whatever you’re cooking. Genius! Standing at six inches tall and covered in shimmer, the white pillar candle is a decorative accent that commands attention. If you’re looking for a finishing touch for a lonely table in your house, this is a great choice. It’s made from soy wax, too, so it shouldn’t cause any allergies.

By the seashore

sea shell candles

If you have a beachy chic decor or a seaside holiday home (lucky you!), this seashell candle is for you. Designed to look like a mermaid’s tide pool, this candle is inside a cup shell sourced all the way from Mexico. Made from 100 per cent soy wax and zero additives, the candle is all-natural without any of the nasties that can cause allergic reactions. Now that summer’s coming up, this could brighten up a dark-toned home or make a great gift for someone who’s always dreaming of their next holiday. If you can’t get enough of the beachy decorative theme, head to the maker’s shop, ShellScapes — it’s brimming with starfish and seashell products.

Faux food

sushi candles

This candle set is so adorable that you won’t want to burn it! That’s the beauty of Etsy: When you find a gem, there’s a very, very slim chance that anyone you know will have the same one. The six-piece set includes beeswax candles that are based on assorted sushi, including a couple of musubis (rice ball), a futomaki (thick roll) and three hoso makis (thin rolls). To add to the cute factor, the candles come packaged in an authentic plastic take-out container, with that decorative green grass every sushi lover would recognise. Just like the best sushi, each candle has been rolled, shaped and folded by hand and with love by the maker, doublebrush.

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