DIY paint chip mobile

Think mobiles are just for nurseries? Think again. Spice up an unloved corner of your home this weekend with your very own paint chip mobile.

paint chip mobile

Paint chip craft is all the rage over on Pinterest right now and for good reason: It’s cheap, it’s easy and the options are almost endless! So if you have a little corner of your home that needs a bit of attention, why not brighten it up with a pretty little paint chip mobile this weekend?

What you’ll need

  • Paint chips in your choice of colour (aim to have at least 5-6 large chips in five different shades)
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Fishing line
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Scissors

Gather your supplies

paint chip mobile supplies

Your local hardware store is where you’re going to find all those colourful paint chips. These are free so help yourself, though do be respectful and if you’re planning on taking a whole bunch, maybe ask the store manager for the all-clear first.

You’ll find the rest of your supplies at your local craft store — try Spotlight or Lincraft for a one-stop shop. All up, this project shouldn’t cost you more than $10.


Cut out your shapes

paint chip mobile shapes

Next, it’s time to cut out your shapes. Find your lightest shade and cut out four cloud shapes. Because paint chips are only one-sided, you need to trace around each of these shapes onto the back of a matching paint chip to create both a back and a front.

Once you have cut out the cloud shapes, it’s time to make some raindrops. You will need to cut out approximately 40 raindrops to make enough for an eight-strand mobile.


Lay out your pattern

Got all your shapes together? Great! Now, it’s time to lay out your design. Clear a space on the floor or a large table and line up eight rows of raindrops. Pop a cloud on top of four of the rows.


Get sticky with it

paint chip mobile sticky

Next you need to stick and string your mobile. On one side of each pair of shapes put a strip of double-sided sticky tape. Do this down the entire row, then run a length of fishing line down the row to create a balanced string. Make sure you have your raindrops nicely spaced and lined up straight, and remember to leave plenty of fishing line at the top of the row for hanging.

Once you are happy with your row, stick the matching pair to each shape. Repeat for the next seven rows.


Balance it out

When all your rows are stuck together it’s time to string your mobile. Tie each row around the embroidery hoop so they are evenly spaced.

Then, take four extra lengths of fishing line (or ribbon or string for something more decorative) and tie them to the top of the embroidery ring so they come to a point. This is what you’ll use to hang your mobile.


Hang it!

You’re all done, superstar! You can hang your mobile on an eyelet from the ceiling in a space of your choosing.

cloud paint chip mobile

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