This Christmas, just say no to tinsel

Christmas may be all about tradition but, when it comes to decorating, the best way to make an impact is to embrace different styles.

Leave that box of tired old Christmas decorations in the loft this year and give your home a contemporary, elegant festive makeover. All you need is a theme.

Home decor to match your fashion sense

Fantasy fairy tale

Go for modern and elegant decorations this Christmas

Gold white tipped feather wreath, £12; Dreamscape glass bauble pink (6 pack), £15; gold bird decoration, £2; gold and pink glitter drop assortment, £1; jewel snowflake decoration, £3; gold jewel decoration, £1

If you like your home to look and feel feminine all year long Christmas is the perfect time to ramp it up a gear. Go for beautiful decorations that sparkle and glitter, in pretty pastels, white, silver and gold, to make your home fit for a princess. A white feather wreath is an elegant alternative to the typical dark green one. Lay it flat and fill it with a selection of decorations for a simple but beautiful table centrepiece. Add twinkling lights and sweet-scented candles throughout your home to create a magical, festive fairy tale feel.

Back to nature

Go for elegant, modern Christmas decorations this year

2 bells decoration, £4; cinnamon sticks decoration, £1; Nature trail stocking decoration, £2; present decoration (6 pack), £6 ; pine cone decoration (12 pack), £3; robin's house decoration, £4

At this time of year, what's better than getting wrapped up and going for a long walk in the woods? For a unique Christmas decor theme, why not bring nature into your home? Opt for earthy colours of green and brown, mixed with cream, red and gold for warmth. All you need for inspiration is the great outdoors: think pine cones, cinnamon sticks, animals and birds. Don't forget lots of candles to make your home cosy and welcoming to all.

Christmas decorating on a budget

Ice cool

Give your home a modern, elegant look this Christmas

Indigo 2014 bauble, £1; "Wish" decoration, £2; Indigo navy and white star assortment, £1; porcelain bauble, £4; Indigo sequin bauble, £1; white owl decoration, £3; Indigo decoupage bauble, £1

Blue, white and silver is always a stylish combination and these colours will help make your home stunning and sophisticated this Christmas. Stars, snowflakes and icicles complement this theme (watch Disney's Frozen for inspiration). Fill a large glass bowl with white fairy lights and a selection of your tree decorations for an eye-catching table centrepiece. The overall effect of this theme is fresh and tranquil.

Rainbow brights

Choose modern, elegant Christmas decorations this year

Folk Tales red and blue decoration, £1; felt bird decoration, £2; large blue and red nutcracker decoupage bauble, £2; wooden coloured tree assortment, £2; felt star decoration, £4; wool bauble, £1; button heart decoration, £4

If you have little ones in the house they'll love a Christmas decor theme with bright colours. Stock up on red, blue, green and yellow decorations made of felt and wood and let the kids help you decorate the tree. Hang rainbow-coloured garlands along your walls and replace the fairy at the top of the tree with a bright red star. This theme is the perfect opportunity to display your children's handmade Christmas decorations — they won't look out of place. It's all about fun — which is exactly what we look forward to at this time of year.

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