Why Positive Post-it Day should be a worldwide thing (VIDEO)

Oct 14, 2014 at 4:59 p.m. ET
Image: Melissa Ross/Moment/Getty Images

Canadian teenager Caitlin Prater-Haacke dealt with her bullies in a unique way — and inspired many of her fellow Canadians to share the Post-it love.

Caitlin chose to fight her bullies with a sandwich pack of positive post-it notes — one for the locker of every student at her high school. Her fellow students loved it and, although she was reprimanded by her school for "littering," her story sparked a movement in her hometown of Airdie. Even the city council passed a "Post-it" resolution. Before long positive post-it noting had spread further afield. Wouldn't it be awesome if an international Positive Post-it Day was created?

Video credit: YouTube / Caitlin Prater-Haacke

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