How to organise your cleaning schedule

Cleaning can sometimes get on top of you, so creating a cleaning routine could be the perfect way to keep up with what needs done and when. Keep on top of the cleaning in your home means you do little and often rather than letting it turn into a burden.

Cleaning must-haves

Keeping track

There are so many little things that need to be done around the house that it can be difficult to keep track of everything. A great way to help with this is to make four separate lists of your tasks. Divide your duties into daily, weekly, monthly and ad-hoc tasks. Keep a cleaning book, or if it is easier, a cleaning chart, and mark off every time you do a task. For the everyday things like washing up and making the bed, you may find that you don’t need to keep a record, but for monthly or weekly chores, it is important, as it will remind you that you still have tasks to complete.

When to clean

Don’t take on any big cleaning tasks during the week. If the task is going to take longer than an hour, leave it until the weekend. During the week, stick to your daily tasks like making the bed, wiping down surfaces and keeping things generally tidy.

Plan your cleaning

At the start of the week, take a few minutes to look at your schedule and see when you can fit cleaning in. If you know that you will be out of the house three nights that week, spend half an hour or so cleaning on the night you are in. If you know you will be in, you can spread the cleaning out. You don’t want to be caught out and let chores pile up, so it is better to try and get things done sooner rather than later. Get up five minutes earlier each morning for a quick whip around, leaving your evenings free.

How long will it take?

Divide each task up into ten minute blocks and try to do twenty or thirty minutes cleaning or tidying a day rather than leaving it all to the weekend. This way it will become less burdensome. Decide when to do each tasks based on how long they take rather than sticking to doing three a day, as the time it takes up will vary. One task could take an hour, but another could be just five minutes.

Be realistic

If you design a cleaning rota then don’t be too ambitious. If you commit yourself to an hour of cleaning every day, but know that in reality there is no way you are going to achieve this, you will soon fall behind with your cleaning.

Get the family involved

If you have more people to clean for than just yourself, take advantage of it! Design a cleaning rota that incorporates everyone so that they can do tasks when you are out and also lighten your load. It could turn into a good reward scheme for your children if you assign treats and prizes.

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