We would totally get naked for this artist

Aug 14, 2014 at 12:32 p.m. ET

German-based artist Gesine Marwedel has recently caught our eye with her beautiful body painting pieces, which combine intricate concepts with the individual bodies of her models. Her work is breathtaking!


We're not usually ones for body painting, but German artist Gesine Marwedel is really rocking our worlds right now. Gesine is a brilliant body painter who uses the human form as a vehicle for ethereal and sometimes even unsettling pieces.

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Per her official website, Gesine started out as a traditional painter (using a canvas), until photographer Thomas van de Wall asked her to paint his face. She's been hooked ever since. On average it takes between four and seven hours to paint a body, but more intricate pieces can take more than 12. We're sure these took forever!


The cool part about Gesine's craft is that you can actually hire her to paint a specific concept on your body. In case you're wondering, body painting can be used for photo shoots (personal and commercial), promotional work and performances. Marwedel believes body painting can even have a therapeutic effect on people and has published her own book on the theory.

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So in all honesty, Gesine may be the only artist out there for whom we would get totally naked and allow to fully coat us in paint. The concept of embodying a creative idea and becoming a living piece of art is incredibly intriguing. Gesine has a beautiful approach to capturing an image and melding it with the model's body. Plus, the lengthy process can serve as a meditation session. We're all over that!

What do you think of her work? Would you ever consider modelling for Gesine?

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