How to paint just about anything

Do you need some tips and suggestions to help with your next paint project? Then look no further, as here is a handy guide to make sure you get the results you want!

Guide for your next paint project
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A new coat of paint can instantly transform just about anything from being lifeless and boring to feeling fresh and vibrant. Want to freshen up your space? Here are some great painting tips from Home Hardware, home of the experts!

Clean the surface

Starting with a clean surface will not only help the paint adhere properly, but it will also make the paint look better, as a thorough cleaning will get rid of the scuff marks that can show through the finish. Using a regular cleanser can leave a residue, so opt for the environmentally friendly, effective and gentle cleaner Natura Safe Prep instead.

Surface preparation

After cleaning, patch all holes, cracks, nail pops and any other damaged areas with the appropriate filler. Then sand the patched area down using 120-grit sandpaper until it’s smooth and even with the rest of the surface. Prime the patched area with a suitable primer product. On interior room walls, run a bead of caulking between the trim and mouldings for a polished look. Make sure to tape off the areas that aren’t to be painted, or try your hand at banding or cutting in on walls to get a perfect edge.

Pick the right product for the job

Using the the right brush and roller for the job will give you the best results, so choose them wisely. Pick brushes that have tapered, split ends with lots of secure bristles. Synthetic brushes can be used for acrylic or water-based paint, while a natural bristle brush is best for alkyd. A good roller should be lint-free and the right pile height for the paint. For a gloss paint, stick to a 5 mm pile, but for a primer, flat or eggshell paint, a 10–15 mm one will work well. Your choice of paint is just as important, so pick a top-quality paint such as Signature Series or Natura Paint from Beauti-Tone, Canada’s paint experts.

Choosing the perfect colour

Colour plays an important role in home decor, as it can directly affect our mood, make a small room seem larger and help add personal style to our space, but we all know that choosing the perfect colour or accent colour can sometimes be an intimidating task. However, with Home Hardware’s exclusive Beauti-Tone’s Capsure system, that task just got a lot easier! Use this portable device for perfect colour matching every time. Simply point it at whatever inspires you, hit the button to capture the colours you love, and have them instantly converted to the perfect hue of Home Hardware’s own paint brand, Beauti-Tone Paint. The system will also use its database of all 4,300 Beauti-Tone colours stored in the unit to give you the complementary colour and triadic colour scheme suggestions, which makes finding the right colour and coordinating colours as easy as pressing a button!

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