5 Ways to update the look of your bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the home, so why not give this space a little love? Spruce it up with these quick-fix tips.

Easy bathroom updates
Bathroom makeover

Sure, you may not spend a ton of time in your bathroom, but it’s the place you go each and every day to kick-start your morning (shower, hello!) and wrap up your evening (don’t forget to wash that makeup off your face). So why not update and redecorate this key room in your home? We share some super-easy ways to give your bathroom a whole new look.



Adding a fresh coat of paint to this room’s walls will make it feel as good as new. Because bathrooms tend to be small, opt for colours that will help add extra square footage to the space. Think neutral and bright tones like yellow, beige and white. These shades will also add a relaxing air to the room.


Update your accessories

A new bath mat, towels and shower curtain can go a long way to change the look and feel of a bathroom. The best part is, if you paint your walls a neutral shade, you can go crazy with accessories and opt for items that are bright in colour or vibrant in pattern. Hot colours for fall include red, oxblood, orange and green.


Strategically placed art

Mirrors or brightly coloured pieces of art can add a little oomph to a staid bathroom space. As an added benefit, mirrors reflect light and will help this small room appear larger. Just make sure that the cool pieces of art you hang in this room are framed in glass, as the humid nature of bathrooms will hasten the deterioration of certain papers and textiles.


Clear clutter

A surefire way to make your bathroom appear larger and neater is to simply organize the space. Store cosmetics in wicker baskets. Get a rack to hang towels from. Place toilet paper on a stand. Sometimes little things can go the longest way in transforming a room.


Get tiling

Another cheap and effective way to make your bathroom feel as good as new is to add some new bathroom tiling to your shower or backsplash. Often available in bright colours, dozens of tiling options are available at local hardware stores. The best part is, today’s tiles are easy to clean and highly durable.

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