How to be a great cottage host

Whoever you invite up to your cottage will just be grateful for the invite, as they’ll enjoy escaping the city, but you still want to show them a good time. Here’s some advice on hosting.

Ensure guests are happy and comfy
Country cottage

The fresh air and the peace and quiet of a cottage getaway is perhaps the best part of going up north and leaving city chaos behind, but you still want to be a good host and show your guests a great time. Here’s how to ensure your guests are comfortable and happy.

Spoil them with treats

Give your guests fun toiletries or some other simple welcome gift; little touches like this are something your guests will remember. Include a small local foodie treat on their beds for when they arrive. Equip their bedrooms with a carafe of water and some glasses so they stay hydrated. Have extra supplies on hand too in case they forget their toothbrush or sunscreen.

Give them tasks

Your guests will feel more comfortable if they have specific tasks, so let them pitch in rather than feel like you’re waiting on them hand and foot. You don’t want to work them to the bone, but place someone in charge of music for the day, someone else of the barbecuing, another for doing the dishes, etc.

Prepare before their arrival

If you have an idea of what you’ll be eating during their stay, prep some of the food in advance. If there’s housework or maintenance on the cottage that must get done, try to fit it in before your guests arrive. You want to be able to enjoy time with your guests while they are staying with you, after all, and even if you don’t mind doing some cottage maintenance while they are there, your guests will feel ill at ease about kicking back and relaxing while you bustle about.

Have a backup plan

You can’t control the weather, so if it happens to rain while you have guests over, have options to keep the party going while you’re stuck indoors. Keep movies, board games and books on hand so that there’s plenty to do.

Keep it relaxed and easygoing

It’s the cottage; your guests aren’t expecting it to be chic and fussy. In fact, that might make them uncomfortable, so be sure to maintain a relaxed vibe. Don’t make menus too elaborate or enforce strict itineraries.

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