Create a welcoming home environment

We all want our homes to feel welcoming and inviting — not only for ourselves, but for guests too. Here are some tips on how to make your home a place you want to spend time in.

Home sweet home
Cozy home

Home sweet home — it’s how we all want to view the place we spend much of our time in. There are many ways we can help make our homes more pleasant and enjoyable. To get some expert advice, we spoke to someone who’s been inside many, many homes (so she would know!), real estate agent Sandra Rinomato. You know her from Property Virgins, and now she’s currently the host of the HGTV show Buy Herself. Here are Sandra’s top tips for creating a welcoming home environment.

Make sure your home has a pleasant scent

“Everyone’s home has a unique scent,” says Sandra. And whether it’s just for you or if your house is on the market and you want to attract as many buyers as possible, the key is to maintain consistency throughout the house. If you go with too strong a scent or with too many different scents, people may think you’re trying to cover something up, she warns. What you want is something subtle, not overpowering (but that’ll still get rid of that lingering scent of bacon you fried for breakfast that morning). “You don’t want the scent to be the focus, though,” she says. One of Sandra’s favourites is the Febreze Destinations products in Mediterranean Lavender for its calming scent.

Get organized

“We all accumulate things, and paperwork piles up, and we pick them up a million times but then don’t do anything with it because we’re too busy,” says Sandra. But then the mess becomes bigger. She says that while having one junk room in a house in acceptable (“We all have one!” she says), she recommends investing in storage solutions and getting organized, because living with clutter can make for a stressful environment.

Have enough lighting

In the hundreds of homes she’s been inside, Sandra says no one ever has enough lighting. Even in her own home, she admits to having plenty of varied lighting — from recessed lighting to lamps — but then finds herself not having the right spot to read a book in her living room. More lighting will make your home more livable and pleasant. It’s what makes for a happy home, she says.

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