His, hers, ours: Decorating ideas for blending a household

Whether it’s his or hers, decorating a household together can be a challenge! Make it easier with these ideas.

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So you’ve found the man of your dreams. Unfortunately that man comes with his favourite clown painting from childhood and an orange plaid armchair handed down from his great uncle. But to be fair, it’s doubtful your man expected you to bring your massive teacup collection and passion for pink. Whatever you bring to your home, it’s important to work together when decorating, because otherwise, when the blinding glare of new love has faded, you’ll find yourself staring right into the eyes of that paint-by-numbers clown! Here are some suggestions on decorating together.

Agree on a decorating plan

You’ve decided to live together because you’re in love, so you probably share common goals and ideas. Before you move in together, take the time to discuss your new home and make a plan for the future. Decide who will bring what furniture and decorative items into your place, talk about colours and come up with a theme if necessary. Are you inspired by a minimalist space? Do you prefer a cozy country feel? What are your dreams for your home? To make sure there aren’t any surprises, now is the time to work this out — before moving day arrives!


Compromise is one of the cornerstones of a good relationship, and to take that a step further, of a happy home. Both partners need to be heard and feel comfortable in the new home. To maintain a harmonious life together, you will both need to accept your differing opinions and compromise when necessary.

Designate personal space

Perhaps this was the idea behind the well-touted man cave! Allow each of you to have your own designated personal space. This can go a long way to help with the decorating woes that may accompany blending a household. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a large space; a walk-in closet, garage, crafts table, office or meditation area might be enough. The important thing is that it’s a personal space that can be decorated and enjoyed as such.

Make space for storage

You or your partner might not be ready to give up your home decor items quite yet. That doesn’t mean you aren’t ready for the commitment of having a home together, but simply that you have an attachment to your personal belongings, and this is where storage space becomes key. Find storage space in the garage, basement, a spare room, an outdoor shed or wherever else, and store the items you’ve both agreed don’t have a current place in your new home. Another option is to rent a self-serve storage locker if you have large or many items to store.

Build your new home together

Just as you plan on building your life together, build your new home together. Everyone has baggage in one form or another, but moving in with your soul mate is a chance to start anew, so let your home decor reflect that. Pick out the things that make you both happy and comfortable, because at the end of the day, your home is your haven, and now you have the chance to share that haven with the one you love.

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