DIY yourself doll crib

It’s hard to keep up with your kids’ toy demands. There are always new toys, and new gadgets for each toy, and it can easily throw you off budget. Instead of buying both the doll and its crib, you can easily make a crib with your baby girl at home.

Little girl with doll

When kids make their own doll crib, they will love it more than if they had bought it, as it transfers over those motherly feelings they rehearse with their dolls. Just like they see you, their mother, always buying them and making them things, they too will love to do the same for their dolls.


  • cardboard box
  • wallpaper
  • pillowcase
  • cutter
  • ruler

Getting started

You want to grab a cardboard box according to the size of your doll. If it’s a small doll, around the size of a Barbie, a shoebox will do. And, if you have a bigger doll (baby size), then you will need a bigger box like a water bottle box. You can grab one at any food basics or No Frills for free along with your groceries. What you will want to do after is adjust the “height” of your crib. With a pencil and a ruler, draw a line around the four edges of the box to mark how high you would like your crib to be, that way you can easily erase it.

Crib making time

After having traced the height of the crib, use a cutter and start accurately cutting out the excess. Don’t worry if it’s not super smooth as the wallpaper will cover it. You can use any flowery or teddy bears filled wallpaper, or you can mix and match. You can cover the longer edges with wooden-like wallpaper and the shorter edges with a more flowery design. Or, you can cover it all in “wood” and have a very think edge of design on the top for a more realistic look. It’s simple and very safe so your child can participate.

Decoration Time

The crib wouldn’t be complete without a bed sheet or a cover. You don’t have to buy an actual mini-blanket (and chances are, it will be too big). Use an old pillow case as a bed sheet and use a plain-colored pillow case as the bedding. You can add lace to its endings to give that extra touch.

Here is how you can make your own pillow to go along with your crib: How to make your own pillows

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