Making decorative items out of broken junk

Things break all the time, but if it’s an item that is special to us, we tend to keep it just the same. Over time, we end up holding on to things and cluttering our homes with junk. You can turn your broken junk into crafts materials and make new items without having to spend any money at all.

Broken mirror

Before tossing out sentimental items that no longer work or that are otherwise damaged, ask yourself if you can make something out of it. If the answer is no, then throw it out to help clear out the clutter in your place. If the answer is yes, then get going and put your crafts hat on. Here are some ideas for turning your broken junk into decorative items.

Turn broken mirrors into a mosaic pastiche

Mirrors break, but we are often reluctant to let one go if it’s in a frame we love — we like to think we can miraculously glue it back together. What you can do with it, however, is take the shards of broken glass, mix them with the pieces of any broken mugs or plates (any porcelain) you’ve held on to and turn it all into a mosaic wall hanging. Take an old scarf or any other piece of cloth you have lying around and, in a random design, glue the broken pieces of glass to it using a glue gun. Make sure to leave enough space around the edges so that your broken-glass-and-mirror mosaic can be framed. If you want to give your new work of art even more of an edge, add some colour by brushing nail polish along the edges of the glass bits.

Design a jewelled bohemian keychain

Necklaces and earrings break all the time, but they are often too pretty to throw away. Keeping broken jewellery will not make it any more wearable than does holding on to your grade five graduation dress. What you can do, however, is gather a couple of pendants or an earring or two, and make a bohemian keychain, full of jewelled dangles of different lengths. You can find keychain rings at any dollar store or crafts store.

Create a music-lover’s corner

Gather up old, scratched and damaged CDs and DVDs, and tie them together to form a train of disks. You can then move the disks around and turn them into a wavelike line, then hang the strand on top of your CD player along with a poster of your favourite musician.

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