Clear your closet for winter

We love the sound of freshly fallen snow under our boots. We love watching snowflakes fall in front of our window. And we love bundling up and feeling all cozy in cold-weather gear, even when the temperatures plunge. But what we don’t love about winter is what it does to our clothes closet. The down jackets, the big bootsÂ… How are we supposed to organize our closets with so much puff going on? Well, here’s a few ideas.

Cleaning out your closet

Purge, purge, purge

If your closet is stuffed to the ceiling with winter wear, it’s time to re-evaluate the items you actually need. Do you really wear that jacket you’ve had for six years? (Face it — you constantly reach for your Canada Goose instead!) Those mittens with the holes – wouldn’t you like to replace them with a newer, fresher pair? Do those snowpants even fit? Ask yourself some key questions about the clothing pieces you have, and donate or discard what you don’t need. This will free up space in your closet and can help someone else stay warm when the temperature plunges.

Make use of layers

Because of global warming, most Canadians are seeing snow (and winter-like temperatures) later and later in the season; this means, until there’s a dramatic drop in temps and you have to don the puffy down, you can likely get away with layering your clothes (think a tank top under a turtleneck under a non-down-filled jacket).

Use closet organizers

Let’s be real: there are a lot of “items” that go into bundling up for winter. You have your scarves, your mittens, your toques, maybe a pair of snowpants, a balaclava, the boots and then a jacket or a vest. To keep your closet organized, make use of baskets, shoe racks and hangers. Label baskets (gloves, hats, etc.) so you know into which containers you should toss your winter accessories; and be sure to place boots on racks with a waterproof mat underneath (so they can dry out properly in time for their next use).

Pay for coats, skimp on accessories

Even though it’s cold outside, dressing for winter should be fun, so splurge on items you know you’ll wear often (like coats) and save on fun accessories that will make a staple jacket (one you can wear every day and for every occasion) look a little more of-the-moment. This will help limit the number of items you have in your closet, and will keep you looking stylish.

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