8 Tips for wood stove safety

Many Canadians love the idea of curling up by a roaring fire during the winter. Having a wood stove inside your home has a lot of pluses — it cuts down on heating costs, creates a cozy atmosphere, and can even be romantic! However, extreme care must be given to ensure wood stove safety. To enjoy the warmth and beauty of a wood-burning fire worry-free, here are eight great tips for wood stove safety below.

Wood Stove Safety

1. Clear the way!

Keep the area surrounding the wood stove clear. When installing a wood stove in your home be sure to observe the proper regulation clearances for ceilings, walls and furniture. Make certain that your wood stove has the right size and material of floor protection installed beneath it. Purchase only an approved, safety-tested wood stove. Canadian requirements can be found through the CMHC.

2. Be ready to douse the flame

Have a fire extinguisher in good working order located nearby to the wood stove. Be sure that all family members know where it is located and how to operate it properly.

3. Sound the alarm

A smoke detector should be installed in the room where the wood stove is located, as well as on each floor of the house. Change batteries and test smoke detectors regularly to obey wood stove safety rules and…keep you safe in case of a fire.

4. No crash and burn

Children should be closely supervised at all times when a wood stove is in use. A wood stove safety gate and or screen is also an excellent idea to provide additional protection at times when children or pets will be in the room.

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