Tips to decorate your home for autumn

As the barometer drops, so does our desire to fill our homes with cozy and comfortable fall accessories. Follow a few of these tips and tricks to get your space ready for autumn.

living room fall decor

Warm things up with colour

Brown. Orange. Purple. Red. Green. These are just some of the colours you can use to warm up your space this fall. Add throw pillows or comfortable blankets to every room. Some amazingly chic options can be found at Zellers and HomeSense [both stores offer brand-name lines — for example, Alfred Sung — at prices you won’t be able to find anywhere else].

Add layers to your bed

We spend more of our life in bed than in any other spot, place or room, so bump up its cozy factor for fall. Buy fluffy comforters from incredibly chic lines like President’s Choice Home. Or invest in luxe pillow covers, like Branché’s Silk Charmeuse covers [they let hair and skin slip and slide while you toss and turn, protecting your locks against breakage and frizz while also preventing unsightly creases in the skin].

apple shaped candleMake use of fresh fall scents

Apples and pumpkins are two scents that smell like fall. So outfit your space with aromatic candles or room sprays, they’re sure to add warmth to your space. Some delicious options come from The Body Shop [their entire lineup of Jolly Orange, Cranberry Joy and Spiced Vanilla products are fresh and incredibly delicious]. If you’re more into pumpkin, try the new Pumpkin Patch candle from Bath & Body Works. If you’re worried about using open flames in your home, turn to innovative candle options like Scentsy.

Add texture

In warmer months, we tend to decorate our spaces with sheer, silky fabrics. Once the temperature drops, store shelves get stocked with rugs and blankets made of corduroy and velvet [the textures are warmer and cozier than lightweight options]. So swap your summery fabrics out for these richer options.

Have fun with centrepieces

Creating a unique centrepiece is a great way to update your home’s look. Grab a glass container [President’s Choice Home has some great, inexpensive options] and fill it with items you picked up outside (rocks, pine cones, leaves). You can also decorate with small pumpkins [they come in a variety of colours like orange, green and white].

Decorating with fall colors