7 Steps to get your bathroom party-ready for the holidays

You spend hours (who are we kidding, it’s more like days) getting your home show-ready when you’re throwing a party. So why wouldn’t you go to the same trouble to make sure your bathroom is up to the task at hand? Just a few quick changes and your everyday bathroom can be just as festive as the rest of the house.

Clean until it shines

First things first — give your bathroom a good scrub. Focus on the mirror, countertops and floor. If you don’t have time to make your tub or shower sparkle, close the curtain.

Remove personal items

No one needs to see your toothbrushes or hair ties. Clear all of your personal items off your counters and other surfaces. Also remember to pick up your bath mat and remove any family towels and dirty clothes hampers you keep in that room.

Add fancy soap and lotion

Don’t force your party guests to use the same old bar of soap your family has been using all week. Replace it with a holiday-scented bottle of liquid hand soap, and add some lotion for guest use, too.

Stock up on towels

Make sure to add a few clean hand towels to the bathroom so your guests aren’t forced to dry their hands on damp towels that have been used all evening. Use towels that match the decor of your room, or pull out some holiday-themed ones to add a festive touch to the space. Make sure to check in a few times throughout your party and add more clean towels if needed.

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Light a candle

A candle is a quick way to turn the bathroom into a calming space. If you’re not big on leaving an unattended candle in the room, try a lighted wax warmer. Pick something with a light holiday scent — bathrooms are usually small rooms, and it doesn’t take long for a strong scent to become overpowering.

Add a small touch

Small rooms like bathrooms don’t have room for much decor, but just one piece can make a big difference. Add a vase of seasonal flowers or one piece of holiday decor to the counter, windowsill or top of the toilet.

Clean out your medicine cabinet

We all like to think our guests won’t rifle through our medicine cabinets or bathroom drawers, but let’s be real (they totally will). Get rid of anything you might be embarrassed to have someone stumble across. While you’re at it, add some things your guests might actually be looking for, like aspirin, antacid and Band-aids.

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