Cesar Millan’s Los Angeles home gives new meaning to “in the doghouse

Cesar Millan and his girlfriend, Jahira, just bought a house in LA’s Studio City district and, naturally, the family’s four dogs are digging the new pad.

Ushering cameras into the five-bedroom Southern California digs, Millan cheerfully announces, “Hello, I am Cesar Millan, and this is my pack. This is my house. Come on in!”

Yep, the pack he’s referring to is his four dogs — although we’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he also means his girlfriend, Jahira, and his 14-year-old son, Calvin.

Although Millan clearly adores his doggies, they don’t have quite the free reign you may have imagined. They aren’t allowed to jump on the cream-colored couches, and the only pup that sleeps in a bed is a Chihuahua called Coco, who cuddles up to Calvin at night.

Millan’s favorite room, though, has — how do you say? — gone to the dogs. Well, one dog to be exact: Millan’s former co-star, his beloved late pit bull, Daddy, who the room is dedicated to.

And when Millan and the dogs really want to relax, they just head to the beautiful backyard or the converted garage.

“So you know how musicians have their own studio at home?” Millan says of the garage. “Well, my dogs have their own little place where they have their toys and they have their food and everything. They know that this is their place. They love it.”

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