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Furniture doesn’t just have to be functional, it can make a statement. That’s exactly what Greg Klassen’s handcrafted furniture does. Calling his work furniture is almost a disservice — it would be better described as functional art.

Williams River Coffee Table

Photo credit: Greg Klassen

Greg Klassen resides in Washington, and he credits the Pacific Northwest landscape and the trees that grow there for his inspiration. Using the wood from trees in the area, Klassen notes that no two trees he uses are the same, and neither are any of his pieces. Each piece of furniture he makes includes its own unique detail and blends the beauty of nature with his masterful craftsmanship. Using a mix of traditional hand tools and modern machinery, he transforms rough wood slabs into beautiful pieces of art.

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Cedar Lake Table

Photo credit: Greg Klassen

Each piece Klassen creates is crafted by hand, with great attention and detail. In fact, he only works on one piece at a time. This husband and father of three loves to give new life to discarded trees. I think even the trees would approve of their new look.

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A piece for every room in your home

Pacific River Table

Photo credit: Greg Klassen

You can commission or purchase a variety of items — from beds to coffee tables — from Klassen’s collections. Not surprisingly, Klassen’s work has won acclaim from people like Martha Stewart and been featured in various shows, including the Smithsonian Craft Show.

A river runs through it

Jansen Conference Table

Photo credit: Greg Klassen

Although I’d be glad to own any piece of furniture Klassen handcrafts, I’m particularly partial to the River Collection. It’s not every day that you see a river running through a coffee table. The blue crevice and shiny glass give a fluid movement to an otherwise solid piece of wood. It emanates a sense of peace and serenity, much like being in nature. If you prefer minimalist design, these pieces will create a wow factor with no additional accessories needed.

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